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0000658Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2024-05-30 19:11
ReporterPhyllisSmith Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000658: ChromaKey AND ChromaKey (HSV) plugins
DescriptionEDITED because misinterpreted problem and mixed up ChromaKey with ChromaKey(HSV) which are 2 different plugins.
ChromaKay (HSV) plugin just has a single problem. Details can be found in the archived Mailing List -[email protected]/msg07506.html .

Request for ChromaKey improvements.
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2024-05-30 19:11

manager   ~0005642

Mixed up with 0000657 so closing this one.


2024-05-30 19:06

manager   ~0005641

Mods suggested to change/improve Chromakey (mixed up with BT 0000657).


2024-05-17 09:51

manager   ~0005637

And possibly change the name: Threshold --> Hue range


2024-05-17 07:12

reporter   ~0005636

@Andrea_Paz @ALL
I tested your values for Threshold and Slope in ChromaKey plugin. It seems good to me. I agree with you for the change.
I think would be better to swap the position of the Threshold and Slope items in the GUI: from top to bottom, first Threshold and then Slope, because Threshold is the master, I think.
I would like to have the GUI improvement like for the ChromaKey-HSV plugin, if possible.


2024-05-15 09:00

manager   ~0005630

In chromakey.C we have as default settings (Reset):


void ChromaKeyConfig::reset()

    red = 0.0;
    green = 0.0;
    blue = 0.0;
    threshold = 60.0;
    use_value = 0;
    slope = 100;

I propose the following changes:

threshold = 10.0;
slope = 0;

Above all, the Slope at 0 is important because otherwise we will have too much "transparency" that makes it impossible to recognize the key color.

Finally, the plugin works fine for me. What are the problems that have been encountered?


2024-05-14 20:56

manager   ~0005629

Last edited: 2024-05-14 21:08

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The ChromaKey HSV plugin works reasonably well, it is only the "Min Saturation" slider that works improperly. Overall, the plugin allows you to extract keys of sufficient quality.
The "Min Saturation" problem has been solved in CinHV: the plugin has been rewritten and improved, bringing it even closer to the original plugin that inspired Jerome, namely Avid's SpectraMatte.

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