Good CinGG presenta...

Good CinGG presentation

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A nice presentation of Cinelerra-GG by a user from Kdenlive. It is in Hungarian but you can use the translation services. The author also frequents the CinGG mailing list.

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Yes, very complimentary -- pointing out the Title text options was nice because this can be easily missed if not having read the manual.  I did not realize that "cutting" was more difficult to do in some NLEs and kudos to the original author for having the foresight to realize how often you actually need to easily cut.

Also, making the point that Cinelerra does things its own way as opposed to most of the other NLEs copying each other is good to hear.  There is often criticism about the window placement/movement but I too personally think it is very advantageous the method that Adam implemented orginally.

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