Select your distro, you can find the documentation here.

Alternative: Single-user builds

These only have to be extracted and can be run directly with the file “cin”. Using this method, multiple versions of Cinelerra-GG can be tested without deleting previous ones. An example: If you run into problems, you can run the old version again until there is a fix available.


AV Linux

AV Linux is a downloadable/installable shared snapshot ISO image based on Debian.  It provides the user an easy method to get an Audio and Video production workstation without the hassle of trying to find and install all of the usual components themselves. Of course, it includes Cinelerra-GG!

You can read all about it and download AVLinux AVLinux Download.

Bodhi Linux Media

Bodhi Linux Media is a free and open source distribution that comes with a curated list of open source software for digital artists who work with audio, video, includes Cinelerra GG, games, graphics, animations, physical computing, etc.

Click here for more information about Bhodi Linux and the download.

Documentation and Source Code

All documentation is available in English only. We are working on making the documentation available in several languages in the future. If you can’t wait, you can alternatively use Google Translator or DeppL.


Source code

The current source of Cinelerra-GG is available as a .tgz file here


You can also check out the code current developement.

Feature manual

All of the new features of Cinelerra-GG are documented in a separate features manual, which also includes instructions on compiling the source code into a useable program.


Here you can find the md5 checksums of all offered downloads.

old md5sum

Here you can find the old md5 checksums of all offered downloads.


We are asked again and again about the differences between the different Cinelerra branches, for this reason we have created a document in which you can see at a glance the main characteristics and differences of the forks. Despite the differences, we suggest you try the other versions as well. Each branch has its strengths.