Timeline: Rearrange...

Timeline: Rearrange Tracks order

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A tutorial (by IgorBeg) on how to manipulate the tracks on the timeline, sorting them according to your needs.


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UPDATE: It was the GIT version... Stable works as axpected.

I am baffled... I tried it several times according to the tutorial, but when i move tracks up, it just moves ALL the tracks - the first one apeears at the bottom and all others move up. Regardless of which tracks are armed or not..

What am I doing wrong?


Using Cinelerra git version on Debian 10 linux.


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Yes, the function name is "Move Up" / "Move Down" and not exchange tracks.  This was a correction just checked into GIT.  The only time you will see this difference is on either the first track when moving up or the last track when moving down.  It was just wrong before because when you use "move up" on the first track, it was actually exchanging the first track with the last track which makes absolutely no sense as this is NOT move up/down.  An easy test is to do this with Big Buck Bunny which has 6 audio tracks and watch the patchbay track titles to see the effect.


Sorry about your demo but this misbehavior was found while working on the Gang Tracks feature.

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Thanks for your fast reaction! Is there now however another way how to reorder the tracks? Now i keep two versions installed, and for reordering I open the project it in the old version.

UPDATE: OK - I see - right clicking on a track..

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