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Overview and Tips on CinGG

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The user Quintao has collected in a git repository his overview and tips on CinGG. Give us an eye on it because it is very well done (also the rest of the site on Debian and Linux in general):


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The tips are useful to get a good feel for working on video.  I especially enjoyed this one in the "Moving edits - Drag and Drop Mode:

  • hold Ctrl and left click on an edit then drag it along the timeline - it will change its position on the timeline, so that edits will shift into the space where it was and no edits will be deformed or cut - but if you drag an edit without pressing Ctrl... God have mercy on you!

I learned a few things that I was unaware of that were helpful to me.  For example: "Drag the effect to the patchbay for it to apply to the entire track" -- if you have a lot of edits on that track, this method makes it really easy.