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Alpha mask / Selection on one track - new user questions

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Hello, i'm new Cinelerra user, and new Linux user. I change my video editing software from old version of Windows comercional program to opensource Blender Video Sequence Editor but it's not very good with audio editing... Now i installed Mint 19 + Cinelerra but I have two questions:

1. I made some effects in Blender and render it as mkv video + alpha mask PNG. Is it any way to add image as video mask? 

2. Is it any way to draw selection on only one track? Or select only one element with double click. Something like in Blenrer VSE. It is very useful function if i want to move overlay video without moving background. 

3. It's not Cinelerra but Linux Mint 19 question: how to install tools from Cinelerracv (Img2List or SevenGnomes) for create image sequence list? They are not in .deb  but in tar.gz... and i know too little about linux...

I  installed Linux and Your software on real hardware not VM. 

My PC not exploded yet 😎 



P. S

sorry for my bad English

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Hello and welcome.
I am a noob; others will give you better information.
1- No, you can't do that. You can import the mask into another track and then blend it with one of the overlay methods. Or, if we want to merge track and alpha, use the Reroute plugin.
2- Recently we have added just the selections as in Blender VSE 8e other NLE); see the manual Features5.pdf cap 47. Cin's classic method consists in disarming all tracks except the one to act on, with the appropriate button on the Patchbay (a quick way is to use SHIFT+Click on the arm button to disarming all tracks at the same time except the one clicked).
3- Even someone like me has learned to compile programs, so it's not difficult. However, you can try asking GG for a .deb version; maybe opening a ticket on our Bug Tracker.
This is a practice encouraged by the whole community.


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answer to #3:
there are 2 good ways to process a list of image files:
1) ffmpeg via image2 format
2) the FileList base class of cr2,exr,gif,jpeg,png,ppm,tga,tiff
The Img2List program creates a FileList compatible file list sequence.The ffmpeg video format definitions: bmp.bmp, pam.pam, pbm.pbm, pgm.pgm,
pgmyuv.pgmyub, png.png ppm.ppm, sgi.sgi, tiff48.tiff, tiff.tiff
I normally just use a script to create FileList file sequences:
See section 41.9 of Features5.pdf for a more complete description.
Please refer to this documentation:

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Thanks for answers. I will try this scripts. I trying compiling from tutorials but i get some errors...

About question 2: CTRL+ is working, thanks.

But about question 1:

I added:

background - Video 1 Track

BW PNG image(s)-Video 2

MKV file - Video 3

Next I add Overlay to track 2 and 3, and change Track 3 shared effect to Track 2

Multiply, addition etc. are working but I cant see any Alpha over...

How about reroute? Adding it like overlay not adding alpha channel. It isn't well documented yet.


You're right, I tried Reroute and it doesn't work:
1- It doesn't work like Shared Effect.
2- You cannot see the alpha channel associated with the new track.
3- The guide is incorrect and insufficient (but we are in a period of revision of the manual, see Bug Tracker, issue #77).
Let's see if there are other contributions and then maybe you can open a new ticket.