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0000279Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-08-18 15:32
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Product Version2019-06 
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Summary0000279: Videoscopes improvements

Videoscopes' graphs are ugly to look at and of little use for detailed analysis, which is essential in Color Correction.
1- Waveform and RGB parade need a more precise reading and displaying of the signal (subpixel?). See image provided by IgorBeg in comment #1593 which I also report here (I hope that's okay, Igor).
2- The same applies to the Vectorscope with the addition of a grid indicating the I-line (for skin and sky), the Q-line (for grass and leaf green) and the 75% zones of the six primary and secondary colours (for comparison with the colour checkers).

Additional Information

I make this request to summarize some old messages from the mailing list and the note #1593 of ticket 0000002.

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2019-08-18 15:32

manager   ~0002025

Closing this one and leaving 71 open and this one as a reference there.



2019-08-18 08:02

updater   ~0002024

I'm sorry, I didn't remember there was a request already. I propose we leave 0000071 and close this one.



2019-08-15 20:59

manager   ~0002018

Also, reference issue 0000071.



2019-08-05 11:43

reporter   ~0002002

Perfect! Thank you.



2019-08-02 21:01


vectoscope.png (7,287 bytes)
vectoscope.png (7,287 bytes)

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