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0000287Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-09-16 12:08
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Summary0000287: A Keframe switch for camera and projector
DescriptionIn the dialogs for camera and projector a Keframe switch is missing which inserts the values set there as keyframe at the selected position.
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2019-09-16 12:08

reporter   ~0002153

In passing

Fswitches.png (17,951 bytes)
Fswitches.png (17,951 bytes)


2019-09-15 22:08

manager   ~0002146

"Shift+F11/F12" can be found by right mouse click in the Compositor which displays possible selections such as Zoom, Fullscreen, and Hide Controls. See png. But it would be helpful to have it elsewhere and I kind of like the selectable help you see on the bottom of the Mask menu to have a similar one on the bottom of Projector and Camera too.

F11F12.png (47,998 bytes)
F11F12.png (47,998 bytes)


2019-09-08 13:43

reporter   ~0002090

Then, if I understand you correctly, you would like to add a button for the Camera Reset and a button for Camera “Insert” in Camera tool window that implement the shortcuts functions F11 and Shift+F11?
(and the same for the Projector, F12 and Shift+F12)
For me it is a good suggestion.

In your example you have to enable “Generate keyframes while tweeking” icon (Automatic keyframe: ON), otherwise it doesn’t work.
If you want I can do a screencast for you. ;-)


2019-09-07 12:28

reporter   ~0002084

Thanks for the interpolation, @Igor.

My concern was to improve the basic usability. Keyboard shortcuts are always good, but they are intended for users who know the program and its peculiarities like the contents of their vest pockets. The shortcuts you mentioned "Shift+F11/F12" can neither be found in "Camera" and "Projector" nor in the menus such as "Keyframes". The user must study the keyboard shortcut list to learn about it.

So can I assume that you have successfully solved the scenario I have described in this way and are satisfied with it? So much the better.

F11 Reset camera
F11 'Shift' Create identity camera keyframe

Let do it:
Automatic keyframe: off
Position: 0:00:20:00
Camera: X=20,Y20,Z=2
Position: 0:00:30:00
Num: 1 (a picture forward)

Was that unfair? I think it clarifies my point of view on the general operating concept. Whether the desired switches represent an improvement is now doubtful.


2019-09-07 07:33

reporter   ~0002083

I don't know if it answer your request, and probably you always know but...
- have you tried the shortcuts F11 and F12, to reset respectively Camera and Projector, and insert the keyframes there in timeline?
- and have you tried the shortcuts Shift+F11 and Shift+F12 to insert a keyframe, for Camera and Projector, in cursor position between two keyframes?

They ere added by a Sam's request time ago. Really useful and well implemented, I think.


2019-08-26 12:42

reporter   ~0002034

There are several ways to place the individual movie sequences on the Timeline.
The preferred option is to place all sequences in a row on one track.
However, the keyframes are not connected to the sequence as usual, but are attached to a continuous washing line.
For each sequence at least four keyframes are necessary:
- A keyframe on the previous sequence to neutralize the following one,
- the keyframe that marks the beginning of the change,
- the keyframe that marks the end of the change,
- another keyframe to neutralize on the following sequence.

The beginning of the film sequence is often not enough to determine the necessary values, so the search starts offset.
Once these values have been determined, they must be placed as previously written.
The automatic keyframe function cannot do this:
- each value in camera and projector must be changed and reset again, so that these values are set as keyframe.
- an unmanageable jumble of keframes is created.

The alternative is to have one track per film sequence, which is completely unrealistic.

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