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0000363Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2020-05-10 01:54
ReporterPhyllisSmith Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
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Summary0000363: Manual tips, contributions and improvements.
DescriptionAs a result of completion of the CinelerraGG_Manual.pdf conversion from .odt to LaTeX by Andrey/Andrea + ... now we are ready for tips, update to include new features, contributions, and improvements. Refer to BT 0000077 for running original commentary and lots of how to hints from Andrey.

There are 2 git areas that may or may not be in sync due to hopefully rapid changes and fixes:;a=summary
since it is easiest for me, probably the gg one will have the latest changes as I add gg new features as they are programmed in.

MatN has recently added formatting fixes and reference fixes to Introduction, Tips, Developer, Translation (not checked in yet), and Installation. Phyllis has updated Shortcuts to add the new 18 or so since April 1, 2019. Mat seems to enjoy fixing formatting, which I do not because I would rather work on the wording.

Some items for discussion:
1) the chapter #'s seems too big to me
2) although the "book" format is nice, when viewing the pdf from page to page, it joggles left and right and so not smooth
3) is it worthwhile to make changes so that the images are right next to the most relevant description or is it better to let LaTeX put them where they fit? it would be more work to line them up

Some things I noted that need to be addressed in case anyone wants to fix these:
1) in Editing, Inter-View mode section 5.6, there is too much space between "clicking on the top white or black" and "click on a location", etc.
2) new plugins need to be added of: Alpha, Compressormulti (I am working on some words for only this one), Foreground, Flanger, Chorus, Tremolo, Sketcher plugins addition of Scale/Rotate and the help button, Crop & Position (IgorB plugin), and Tracer. Some of these are obvious and may need no description.
3) missing Transcode feature that I will work on along with fixes for Proxy in 19.3 of Tips.
4) still a lot of ? (actual question marks) in Configuration of stuff I just did not know what they were but maybe no one does.

Please add more and if you start working on something, drop a note here so no one duplicates effort.
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2020-05-10 01:54

manager   ~0003402

More Andrea Plugins improvements checked in.
More Sergio proof-reading english checked in.
Uploaded the latest Manual and Spanish translations to the Cinelerra website.


2020-04-30 23:36

manager   ~0003352

I checked in Andrea's update for Videoscope usage. Plus a few more corrections I made. Sergio provided some corrections that I have to check yet and then will check them in too. My script that I use to make the Manual and the Glossary included:

pdflatex CinelerraGG_Manual.tex
makeindex -s -o CinelerraGG_Manual.nls CinelerraGG_Manual.nlo
pdflatex CinelerraGG_Manual.tex


2020-04-21 14:06

reporter   ~0003253

I think for translation it is much better to stick to Latex, because the translations need to be maintained as well and that is much easier in Latex.
Also, there are definitions in there that probably change depending on language, such as:
Change these values in Settings→Preferences, Appearance tab
which might not be a direct translation. I don't know if Latex allows defining macros or so for such things, so you could have a "master" set of english macros, and then the equivalent for other languages. Bit like the .po files.
There are also some sections that must not be translated, like sections in chapter 1.

The Python approach of sending small sections to DeepL looks nice, if it would take away half the work it is fine. I don't know if Python is the best language for this, I am a C person . The Deepl web interface allows up to 5K or so, you do have to clip the "translated by deepl ' thing at the bottom of the returned text every once in a while.


2020-04-21 10:41

administrator   ~0003246

@einhander Many thanks for the great tips! I'll take a closer look at it.

@Olaf you might be right. Those were my concerns as well. I rather have the solution in mind to translate the document only the first time with DeepL and then ask our translators to have a look at it. It would probably be the better way, if the translators want to help. A completely error-free translation is also not feasible with DeepL.


2020-04-21 09:30

reporter   ~0003242

To translate LaTeX to HTML latex2html is sufficient.
The automatic translation will not be sufficient. Deepl is overstrained with the formulation.


2020-04-18 19:43

reporter   ~0003214

I've found an interesting link regarding conversion and translation of latex documents.
1. Html conversion
2. General latex translation
3. Translation latex documents using deepL, I'm not a programmer, so I don't know if it's useful can
4. Translation latex documents using some website
5. Just a general thought that you omegaT software can be used to translate latex documents.


2020-04-18 19:13

reporter   ~0003212

Hi, Andrea! It's nice to hear from you, to.
Unfortunately, I have little experience with html conversion. Regarding pandoc. It's may be a good tool in our situation, I tried it several times, some time ago.
It's have some disadvantages, the numeration of chapters, are lost (you can turn it on/off globally, but not mix), also I'm not sure about numeration of figeres/tables, can't remember it's working or not. Tables was also was far from original.
Of course it has advantages in converting to a lot of formats.
I remember, that they have a static build of last version of pandoc, so you can try it on any OS.
Pandoc reminds me a jack of all trades, the result of converting are far from ideal, on any format. May be I'm wrong, and I don't know how to cook it.


2020-04-18 19:03

administrator   ~0003211

DeepL supports only these three formats, Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx) and Text (.txt).
DeepL also offers an API, but I think it is very expensive. The question would be whether we have the documents translated once and then integrate them back as LaTex documents and the volunteer translators only translate the new jobs in the future or whether we generally initiate a DeepL translation once a month. I have no experience if DeepL translates a document with so many pages without problems, but it would be worth a try. Maybe you have some ideas.


2020-04-18 18:40

manager   ~0003209

Does converting LaTeX to html work well? In the sense of producing better results with images, tables and lists. Instead someone knows and uses pandoc?
(Good to hear from you again, Andrey)

You can try to contact Marco Ciampa:
It was proposed to convert to asciidoc and I think it is easy to get to docx from this format.


2020-04-18 18:13

reporter   ~0003208

Hello Phyllis and other!
It's seems that I missed the whole thread, thanks for calling me.
There are some tools to convert tex files, to word.
But none of them gives you the 100 % result.
I suggest you to create the separate master file for such conversion with a lot simpler preambula part.
Here the some overview of my favorite tools.
1. Latex2rtf. Although it produces the old rtf file format, it's my favorite, because it can handle numeration, images, caption, listening and other. It can be customized with relative simple config files to fine tune a font size, and other thigs. The weak side is tables. Latex2rtf can covert only a simple tables.
2. Mk4ht, it's a newer tool that's support html, xml and odt output.
I've tried it several times and have a good results. But it's not stable. Sometimes it cannot convert tex file at all.
3. The last one is detex program. It's simply removes latex tags and produces a txt file.

At this moment I'm away from my pc, so I can't give you a correct command line for each tool.

Best regards, Andrey.


2020-04-18 15:05

manager   ~0003207

Not sure if you have read the last note on the Manual but is there anyway to easily create a temporary Word document from the LaTex document so an automatic procedure can be used to translate it to other languages? BTW - I can not thank you enough for getting us going on the LaTex -- it has made the addition of new features and minor changes so easy.


2020-04-17 21:53

administrator   ~0003205

Is it possible to create a Word document from the LaTex document? I ask because DeepL can translate whole documents in the paid version, unfortunately not yet in LaTex format, but as docx. I had the idea to book this service and have our English documentation translated automatically. I can have up to five documents translated, so all our languages are covered. Probably the formatting after the translation is not optimal, but at least we can offer it in several languages.


2020-04-02 15:48

manager   ~0003075

I fixed the Legal information by moving the GFDL reference from the Introduction, which probably was not the right place for it, and putting it into the title section instead. I particularly like this page (probably because my name is on it). It has been checked into GIT.

The reason for leaving the lower case "manual" there is because for existing users who might actually use the "Shell Commands" button in the upper right corner of the timeline, the $HOME/.bcast5/Cinelerra_rc has that in it. Since this is people's preference file, we do not want to mess with it. See BT 0000371. However , it is time to delete it and just take the fallout since long time users might not read the manual anyway or download it.

The other reason is that Deutsch language "Download -> Documentation" section still refers to the lower case "manual" but that is easily fixed by an authorized translator.

Later today, I will delete obsolete pdf files since those topics should all be in the manual now. But old News might still refer to them.


2020-04-02 14:34

reporter   ~0003074

At this point I would like to emphasize once again that I do not speak English and for this reason I will not participate in the content of the English manual. My entries are for illustrative purposes only and should always be checked by a native speaker or a person who is familiar with the language before any possible adoption.


2020-04-02 14:16

reporter   ~0003073

On the server is an old version of the manual called "CinelerraGG_manual.pdf". This should be removed to avoid misunderstandings.

Furthermore I suggest to move all obsolete documentation into a separate directory "obsolete" and remove the unnecessary ones.

In the file "common/title.tex" under "Legal information" the placeholder I inserted should be replaced by an appropriate text on occasion. Otherwise this subsection can be omitted.


2020-04-01 16:23

manager   ~0003066

I spot verified your changes and the Glossary came out well now so thanks. I checked them into GIT already because I will not have any time to make any changes myself today.
And , yes, please wait to make the Videoscope plugin changes because gg is still going to be making changes and sometimes he sneaks in unknown things.


2020-04-01 14:35

manager   ~0003064

>There is 1 issue with the glossary that I hope someone else resolves -- on the second and subsequent pages at each top there is an >underline with leftover words of "C.4 Details..."

Using \pagestyle{plain} works, but there are probably better methods.
I made a few more little tweaks.
To change the images in the Videoscope plugin, I'll wait for it to stabilize.

new-image12.tar.gz (196,366 bytes)


2020-03-31 22:21

manager   ~0003055

Thanks Andrey, Andrea, and Mat. I got the Glossary included using the help you noted and it has been uploaded to the website. There is 1 issue with the glossary that I hope someone else resolves -- on the second and subsequent pages at each top there is an underline with leftover words of "C.4 Details..."

I also checked into GIT Mat's changes that I forgot to do yesterday.


2020-03-30 20:19

manager   ~0003027

I'm sorry, it's my fault (as usual).
The page on the left is displayed by Firefox (which obviously lacks the right fonts). Once opened with a pdf reader everything is fine.


2020-03-30 19:45

reporter   ~0003026

@Andrea, this is strange.
On my build from this afternoon, I have the fonts looking like in the right of your picture. The source was completely synced with the git for the manual, except for two non-font related issues.

@Phyllis, for the glossary:
1. When using TeXstudio, update the MakeIndex command first:
Options->Confugure Texstudio->Commands, field "makeindex" set to "makeindex -s -t %.nlg -o %.nls %.nlo" .
Then when building and the log shows an error about a missing nls file, run from TeXstudio Tools->Commands->MakeIndex .
This probably is only needed when translation files are changed.

2. You can run latexmk if you create the following config for it in file ~/.latexmkrc:

$pdflatex = 'pdflatex -synctex=1 %O %S';
# $bibtex= 'bibtex8 -B -c utf8cyrillic.csf %O %B';
#$bibtex= 'bibtex8 -B -c utf8cyrillic.csf %O ?a*.aux';
 # Custom dependency and function for nomencl package
 add_cus_dep( 'nlo', 'nls', 0, 'makenlo2nls' );
 sub makenlo2nls {
 system( "makeindex -s -o \"$_[0].nls\" \"$_[0].nlo\"" );

You then can build it as "latexmk -pdf" , it will do a makeindex automatically when needed . You have to use the -pdf because else if fails on the logo which is in pdf format. It can be conveterd to png,but I don't know how big (pixels) it should be. The PDF logo seems to scale perfectly without artifacts. latexmk also builds only when and what has changed, although I once saw it didn 't detect a change and had to use pdflatex twice.



2020-03-30 19:06

manager   ~0003025

The font itself has no problem (sorry, I have explained it badly). On monitors it is better to use more round and uniform fonts because they are more readable and less tiring. On paper it's the opposite: angular fonts with modulated lines give liveliness and refinement to the reading. The fact that they are more tiring to read is not important because on paper reading is never tiring.
Mine is a marginal and not important note; but try to look at the attached picture: on the left the manual downloaded from the site; on the right my pdf with the xcharter font.

fonts2.jpg (156,372 bytes)
fonts2.jpg (156,372 bytes)


2020-03-30 18:07

manager   ~0003024

I grabbed MatN fixes and will check in later.
The fonts are fine for me also.
Not sure why I can not make the glossary but will try to get that fixed too. Running pdflatex twice does not create it for me. Looked at Andrey's method but on my Fedora laptop, I am trying to find a command line that works with "makeindex" and so far I have failed. But I have some other things to try yet.


2020-03-30 15:24

reporter   ~0003023

@Andrea, I do get the glossary, using pdflatex twice.
But the TexStudio method also works.

For me the fonts are fine, but have not compared them to others.


2020-03-30 14:17

manager   ~0003021

I downloaded the manual from the site and noticed the lack of the glossary.
If you use TexStudio I remind you Andrey's email to activate the glossary:

I also noticed that the fonts used don't read well on screen (although they are very good for printing). Try using "xcharter", which was the font set by Andrey. You can download it from:


2020-03-27 23:02

administrator   ~0002988

Thanks for the quick solution. The copy and paste works fine.


2020-03-27 22:24

manager   ~0002987

Checked into GIT the changes provided by Olaf and the cut and paste in the pdf seem to be good now but I did not check all of them. GG put a new copy of the Manual on the website with this fix in.


2020-03-27 14:28

manager   ~0002985

I bring back a post by Olaf made in the forum:
"Package listings: c&p (PDF -> Clipboard). This parameter also destroys the desired formatting. The description can be found on page 21: 2.10 Fixed and flexible columns. An unsatisfactory solution."

settingstex.diff (4,207 bytes)
diff --git a/common/settings.tex b/common/settings.tex
index f348cd0..268bee3 100644
--- a/common/settings.tex
+++ b/common/settings.tex
@@ -1,20 +1,10 @@
 % FIXME Settings
 % - Page numbers always on the right, matching the chapter
-%   number. Possibly coloring.
-% - Improve header, remove the line, because with the listings also
-%   come lines and when they meet it looks bad. Set italics and
-%   color if necessary.
-% - But be careful, too much ink can quickly have a negative
-%   effect.
+%   number.
 % FIXME Text
 % - Change all tables to variable dimensions. -> use draft
-% - (Remove all leading \$ characters from the shell
-%   examples. Alternative: invalidate according to TeX rules, so that
-%   other editors do not consider this an error. Do not automate, this
-%   must be adjusted manually.)
-% - no * in the font
-% - No novels in the listings.
+% - Remove all leading \$ characters from the shell examples.
 % The Settings
@@ -69,8 +59,10 @@
 \setsubparaheadstyle{\normalfont\bfseries\color{CinBlueText}}% SubParagraph
 % Table of contents
-\addtodef{\tocheadstart}{\color{CinBlueText}}{} % If you want the whole TOC to be blue also
-%\addtoiargdef{\printtoctitle}{\color{CinBlueText}}{} % If you just want the TOC title blue
+\addtoiargdef{\printtoctitle}{\color{CinBlueText}}{} % If you just want the TOC title blue
+% \addtodef{\tocheadstart}{\color{CinBlueText}}{} % If you want the
+% whole TOC to be blue also. The page numbers are also colored, but
+% these are not links, that's confusing.
 % PDF properties
@@ -80,7 +72,7 @@
-  pdftitle={The Comprehensive User Manual},
+  pdftitle={Cinelerra-GG -- The Comprehensive User Manual},
   pdfauthor={The Cinelerra-GG Community},
   pdfsubject={Video Editing},
   pdfkeywords={Cinelerra-GG, CGG, Cin5, Infinity, User Manual, Video
@@ -89,7 +81,6 @@
 % Package listings
-% FIXME: PDF c&p d o e s  n o t  w o r k. -> Font
 \lstset{% Common settings
@@ -116,6 +107,8 @@
                    % title
+  % Required for c&p (PDF -> Clipboard):
+  columns=fullflexible,
@@ -134,39 +127,14 @@
 %        \begin{lstlisting}[]
-% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
 % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
-%====================== Page geometry
-% \geometry{left=2.0cm}
-% \geometry{right=2.0cm}
-% \geometry{top=2.0cm}
-% \geometry{bottom=2.0cm}
 \parindent=0.0cm                    % first indent in section
 \righthyphenmin=2                   % hyphen last charecter
 \setsecnumdepth{subsubsection} 		% section numeration depth
-%\renewcommand{\printchaptername}{\normalfont\large\scshape История}
-%\renewcommand{\chapternamenum}{ }
-%\renewcommand{\printchapternum}{\chapnumfont \thechapter}
-%\renewcommand{\afterchapternum}{. }
-%\chapterstyle{madsen}		% one of chapter header style for memoir documentclass
-\chapterstyle{morrow}		% one of chapter header style for memoir documentclass
+% We use the chapter header style:
 % \renewcommand{\printchaptername}{\normalfont\large\scshape Chapter}
@@ -177,6 +145,8 @@
 \renewcommand{\nomname}{Glossary} % glossary name
+% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
 % Define the Cinnelerra-GG wordmark - a rough draft that can be
 % adapted at any time. To be used in the text with \CGG{}
 % or % \CGGI{}
settingstex.diff (4,207 bytes)


2020-03-27 12:01

reporter   ~0002982

Ok, found the build problems. At three places the right arrow symbol was used instead of $\rightarrow$.
- rendering.text, line 856.
- trouble.tex, lines 102 and 108.
With these changed, it builds fine here.


2020-03-27 11:36

reporter   ~0002981

I saw the problem earlier too, I think I exchanged some msgs with Phyllis about it.

The PDF format is NOT an image, although images can be included. Normally it is a series of font selections, positioning and actual text. So text can be extracted easily normally. OCR is not involved.
It is probably the specific font causing the problem, because as afar as I know it only appears to happen with the listings, and then only at specific places. For instance, chapter 1.1.6. , unbundled builds" . (On my older manual build, the current one doesn't build here, will look into it later). Just above this chapter is a listing. If from there I cut the CFLAGS line and paste it, I get:
CFLAGS =" - O2 - ggdb " make - j8 rebuild_all
Compare to the PDF, there is an extra space after each minus sign. But only there.
If from the text of the chapter i e.g. cut "generic build scripts¨ it paste fine.


2020-03-27 08:31

manager   ~0002977

You're right, Sam. I think there are three factors causing the problem:
1- the pdf format; which involves an image (OCR) of the selected text, rather than a string.
2- using the [language=bash] option to create code lists.
3- the use of monospace characters; which are read by the OCR of the pdf as if they were single words and then separates them by a space.

Honestly, I don't know how to fix this. Changing step 2 compromises the readability and aesthetics of the code. Point 3 can be changed, but it goes against Andrey's initial setting, which recommended using monospace for instructions. I don't really know what to say about how the pdf works.

I hope that those who know more about it than I do will find a solution because it is an important problem.


2020-03-26 20:54

administrator   ~0002976

I think the user manual looks really good. However, when I copy text from the manual, it bothers me that it is copied differently than it appears in the User Guide.
As an example on page 4, I copy the git clone command from the gray command box, and so on
When pasting, there are spaces everywhere and it looks like this, please look very carefully, there are spaces in between everywhere:

cd /<b u i l d _ p a t h >/
g i t c l o n e - - depth 1 " g i t : / / g i t . c i n e l e r r a - gg . org / goodguy /
,→ c i n e l e r r a . g i t " c i n e l e r r a 5

I can't use this code like this, I have to manually delete all the spaces first, so I can use it. Of course this is not user-friendly. How can we fix this error?


2020-03-26 13:29

manager   ~0002970

Sorry I missed that Olaf made the modification -- I did not see that anywhere.
I think 14 pt would be too small so we should leave it at 12 pt.


2020-03-26 08:39

reporter   ~0002965

For me the margins are an excellent compromise, now. Font Size okay. IMHO, the Manual is really good.
I can print in A5 size and even display it on the screen perfectly.
Thanks @Olaf, @Andrea_Paz, @PhyllisSmith (and others?) for the effort.


2020-03-26 08:21

manager   ~0002964

The modification was made by Olaf, who unlike me, is very competent on LaTeX. The question of the font remains: Igor tell me if you think it is better to increase it to 14 pt instead of the current 12 pt.


2020-03-26 04:10

manager   ~0002963

Andrea has supplied changes to make the footer empty space smaller. So look on the website for the revised version.


2020-03-25 08:44

reporter   ~0002953

"There is a communication problem"
It is strange, I have seen @Olaf here in MantisBT.

I don't want to complicate the life of anyone, for the manual.
As always my considerations are personal even if, I hope, they have a wider vision towards other users.
Three version of the Manual? I think that the initial goal of Einhander(?) was only one version for printing and screen. Less work to do.


2020-03-25 07:49

manager   ~0002952

There is a communication problem: I think Olaf just follows the forum while you follow bug trackers and mailing lists. I wrote a forum post asking to change grid. It would be nice to get some advice from Andrey, too. My wish would be to have three versions: one in asciidoc or html online; one for printing and one (probably the most used) for screen reading. But I wouldn't know how to keep the versions synchronized.


2020-03-24 09:08

reporter   ~0002948

I read quickly "your" PubMod2.pdf, Andrea (sorry, I have little time): interesting and thanks.
(Document with a lot of white space on the paper all around. Maybe they cut at least 10mm with cutter in post-production?).

I don't want to criticize Your work on the manual, absolutely. It is fantastic.
I can only say that the bottom margin is too much, from my point of view. I think that the manual may be viewed on the screen and even printed.
If I wanted to print the maual in A5 size format, for convenience, I would have a significant waste of space.
I think Einhander had probably thought of that, but I can wrong.

Of course, it is only my opinion and I do not contribute to the manual.
However, I thanks all of You for the great work you are doing on it.

I know You will do the best. Thanks.


2020-03-23 19:39

manager   ~0002941

My two cents:
DTP theory says that you have to avoid the "Wall of Text" because they are tiring and confusing in reading. Einhander had given his interpretation by enlarging the characters (14 pt) and using margins at 20 cm. Olaf put smaller fonts but, to avoid the wall of text, he reduced the text box. For example we use the lower margin higher than the upper one because the reader sees the center of the page a little higher than the true (geometric) center. If I understand correctly, this is the standard setting of the 'memoir' class we used.
All this applies to printing and I'm not sure it's the same for the screen. :-(
I have no preference between the two.

(@IgorBeg. Se sei curioso su l'impaginazione, prova a leggere:
è corto, chiaro e istruttivo)


2020-03-23 17:27

manager   ~0002938

RafaMar did not care if he was given credit for the additional transitions. I had only added it initially because your name was there. So when I removed yours, it was OK to remove his also.

I will let you decide about the margins but I agree with Igor.


2020-03-23 09:08

reporter   ~0002937

Very well Phyllis. Thank you!

I have noticed some things (Manual_20200323).
- I am afraid you have lost the credits and the transitions name of RafaMar, I think (pag_385, 405 of 652). In the Manual_20200319 they are there.

- I think that the bottom margin of the page is too much.
Page margins:
- left and right = 30 mm
- top = 20 mm
- bottom = 40 mm

Could be better all margins set to 20mm?


2020-03-22 16:05

manager   ~0002931

You are RIGHT! I missed that and since all of the rest were .png, I thought it had to be. So I fixed it in the manual, and have put in your original .pdf file, tested it, it worked great. I will check it into GIT and update the manual on the website late tonight.


2020-03-22 15:11

reporter   ~0002930

"I used pdftopng to convert from pdf to png"
It sound strange to my hears because Andrey said: "Latex can handle pdf with ease".

May be you have converted to PNG for other reasons.


2020-03-21 14:49

manager   ~0002918

Last edited: 2020-03-21 16:51

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Thank you Igor. It looks really good. OK, I will delete your nickname from the manual.
I used pdftopng to convert from pdf to png and IT ACTUALLY WORKED great.



2020-03-21 12:39

reporter   ~0002917

Hi all!
I am sorry for not contributing to the Manual. You are doing a fantastic work.

If you want I have re-worked Figure 2.11 (Phyllis' request).
Link to
It would be better rename the file name. ;-)

I don't know if it is consistent with other figures, fonts and other. Let me know, please.

I just saw that in Video Transitions/ShapeWipe Chapter of the Manual, note 1, there is my nickname. Thank you, but you can delete it. It is not necessary, no right is need. Thank you. ;-)


2020-03-02 18:30

manager   ~0002855

Added Andrea's improvements to Windows and Tips (except I removed "language=bash" because it drives me crazy when "env" and "export" are in the color blue since bash commands. Like Pavlov's dog I automatically "click" on it and then am disappointed when it goes no where). Earlier checked in Andrea's muxer/format Rendering changes and other minor fixes.

We are done with Cuda changes needed.


2020-02-26 04:08

manager   ~0002838

BT 383 debugging led to minor changes for vaapi in Tips.tex that GG wanted to make sure got in the manual. Working on Windows.tex, Compositor section toolbar rewriting and noticed that Ruler was not even mentioned so added that too.


2020-02-22 22:57

manager   ~0002828

"Would 12 M be acceptable to be included in the distribution?" Sounds a bit much to me as the images add a lot. I do not have a problem with the Manual being huge as it is supposed to be for Reference and should explain everything so you can look up any feature. Maybe we need a cut down version for offline usage in html format.

Meanwhile I checked in MatN changes as he proofreads stuff:
Glossary: replace actual arrow symbol by $\rightarrow$ .
CinelerraGG_Manual: removed now unneeded settings

And Andrea's CUDA information corrections.
And finished proofreading the "Program Window" section of the Windows.tex file corrections.


2020-02-21 11:28

reporter   ~0002825

What I like about the current "Secrets of Cinelerra.html"file is that is it a single file. I think that is the full current manual were to be converted to html we might have many files.
The current PDF is much larger that the previous one created from LibreOffice. However, it can be reduced significantly by using GhostScript:
gs -dCompatibilityLevel=1.5 -dPrinted=false -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook -dAutoRotatePages=/None -dQUIET -sDEVICE=pdfwrite -o CinSmall.pdf CinelerraGG_Manual.pdf .
This takes it from 36 M to 12 M, and at a first glance, looks the same to me. Would 12 M be acceptable to be included in the distribution?


2020-02-21 03:55

manager   ~0002824

Checked into GIT, Andrea's cleanup of Configuration.tex. Continuing work on Windows.tex as I proofread and change the wording to not be exact copy of other manuals. Also, replacing any non-Cakewalk/non-png images as I go along.

FYI note: MatN mentioned that the Cinelerra release still includes the Secrets of Cinelerra in html format. The rationale for leaving this was so that user's who did not leave a network up, could still get some help, even if so far outdated. In the future, either a Help ke (saving "h" shortcut for this) or the new manual will have an html version.


2020-02-18 20:03

manager   ~0002818

Checked into GIT, Andrea's fixes to Plugins.tex concerning href to hyperref for Motion and removal of bash. Also added to Translations.tex, the translation po files and their current status (feel free to reformat this table to improve it if needed).


2020-02-18 04:35

manager   ~0002813

A few updates. MatN's:
-- settings.tex: increased space between number and text for tabel of figures to avoid them running into each other (e.g. see entry 13.14 in the table of figures).
-- (I changed this as recommended) Chapter 16.7 : Maybe better to change the text after the CIN_PKG entry to
"used to set your text domain, that is the locale path pointing to the language file" (Configuration.tex)
-- Also changed as recommended in BT 382 the LANG / LANGUAGE confusion in Configuration.tex. BUT it looks like I will have to change it again as I just read MatN's update !! I have to update the Translations.tex file concerning the status of the other 16 po/mo files as MatN suggested and I started that but could not finish.
-- Removed some "language=bash" as seen while editing and a couple of "href" that needed to be "hyperref".

-- just noticed a couple of "href" in Plugins.tex that need to be "hyperref". If you feel like fixing these, please do so as I will not get to it for a long time.

Also, a couple of wording changes I made in Windows.tex and changes to Tips.tex (maybe just bash or href).


2020-02-11 02:39

manager   ~0002800

Updated into GIT, Andrea's fixes for ColorSpace plugin, morrow chapterstyle to ensure that the 2-digit chapter numbers do not get cut off, and some small corrections for the DeepL translations for missing plugins that Andrea added on about 1/27/2020 (will have to proof read more carefully later).

The pdf Manual was updated on the website to include these latest changes.


2020-02-10 02:26

manager   ~0002796

Added new ColorSpace plugin documentation to Plugins.tex and checked into GIT that + start of rewording in Windows.tex. Unfortunately I did not get the time to put the new Manual pdf file on the website with the update.


2020-02-07 19:48

manager   ~0002793

I agree. Removing [language=bash] gives more uniform (better) results.


2020-02-07 19:31

manager   ~0002792

THANKS! I am taking the bash out of Installation.tex and others as needed as I go along to proofread. I guess I should have figured that out myself but then there were lines like: /usr/local where local was blue and not usr + cd was blue but not cp.

I hope this is OK because I think the users when they see the blue color will think it is a link or reference. GG likes it the way it is, but he is not going to be using those lines anyway !!


2020-02-07 10:04

reporter   ~0002788

I don't think it is a bug. The lstlisting is highlighting certain words based on the language chosen, see for instance the listing just aboven the 1.1.2 header. If you remove the "language=bash" it will not highlight it (in blue).
Maybe we should reconsider whether to use language highlighting at all. Take for instance the listing line just above "With persistence, you can get results" . It reads
"$ ./confgure --with-single-user -enable-a52dec=auto ." , and the language for this lstlisting is set to bash. So it highlights the word "enable" , which in this case is part of a string, not a bash command.
What if we remove "language=bash" from all lstlistings, or indeed any such language statement?


2020-02-06 21:52

manager   ~0002786

Thanks for the tip on the chapter styles - I have looked at that now and see what can be changed.
I am reading through the manual in order and have checked in some wording changes just now for Installation.tex. There is some strangeness that I have not figured out why it is. Under "Setting up the Initial clone" in section 1.1.3, there is "cd $ cd /<repo\_path >/" and the color of "cd" letters is black. A few lines later under "Update an existing repo" the letters of "cd" are blue. There is strange blue colored words seemingly throughout the document, notable the word "cd", "export", "enable" for no known reason. I think it must be a bug.


2020-02-03 17:46

manager   ~0002777

Checked into GIT minor corrections of Mat and me (Introduction.tex)
Mat's === packages: Commented out unneeded /duplicated packages, can go in a next iteration.
Plugins: Corrected misspelled "Whell"to "Wheel", and corrected table name/caption for titler controls. Avoid duplicate "List of table entries" (and thus duplicate warnings) by commenting out same table head at new page.

Followup on previous note where you said "Tips.tex: - link in \small - add F_scale_cuda and F_yadiff_cuda (N_Body? I don't see it.)" ==== You will only see the N_Body and Mandelbrot plugins when Cinelerra is build with Cuda compiled and loaded.


2020-02-02 20:07

manager   ~0002776

Checked into GIT new revision (final) from Andrea. Uploaded the resulting pdf manual to the website.

(applicable to all) - Little changes in "italic/typescript" - resize some images
Introduction.tex: -update internal link
Tips.tex: - link in \small - add F_scale_cuda and F_yadiff_cuda (N_Body? I don't see it.)
Licenses.tex: - add Cakewalk license (by Olaf). Is it right? YES IT IS.
Quickstart.tex: - Put credits in \footnote
Developer.tex:- Various changes in formatting text
AuxiliaryPrograms.tex: - Various changes in formatting text

@MatN: I'm sorry; I'm not able to resolve plugins.aux warnings!


2020-01-31 20:51

manager   ~0002761

Last edited: 2020-01-31 20:58

View 2 revisions

Checked Andrea's fine-tuning changes into GIT + added Windows10/Cygwin (I tried to use similar formatting as Andrea, but if not it can be
ANDREA's changes:
changed).(applicable to all): - Little changes in "italic/typescript" - resize some images
CinelerraGG_Manual.tex: - changed "Letter" to "a4paper" for resolve a warning
Packages.tex: - added "ifthen" packages to solve the problem I had. but this was not the solution (it was something wrong with Attributes.tex).
 ????? Does it serve as a tocvsec2 addiction or not?
Plugins.tex: - add lines \settocdepth{subsection} and \settocdepth{section} (and commented in CinelerraGG_Manual.tex ) for better TOC.
Trouble.tex: - changed label in lowercase and underscore - Internal link to proxy and background rendering sections - delete \medskip - nested list in "shell cmds"

I agree with this -- "it would be nicer if we could control TOC entry level from within a chapter, because e.g. not all of the effects need the subsection entry in the TOC."

This is my fault -- "almost all images are type .png, but about have are not a .png internally, but jpeg. This can be seen by (from a terminal) doing "file *.png" in the images directory.What is the reason for this?"
because when I created Features5, I was trying to keep it small and saved files as jpeg. Eventually the rest of these will get made in the Cakewalk theme and I especially have to do the TV and DVD ones which are pretty awful right now.

We will download this latest version on the Manual this afternoon when Bill is done with the builds and downloads all of them.



2020-01-31 10:49

reporter   ~0002760

@ Andrea, the warnings indeed point you the .aux file. I usually look at the text of the warning, like "tabular:tiller" and search for in in all the source using Geany "find in files" with subdirectory recursion. But in this case the .tex module was known, so TeXstudio will find it there too.

More detailed control over TOC entries is apparently a hot item. Most of what I read is that only the tocvsec2 allows changing it on the fly, it's documentation tovsec2.pdf has an overview of the issues.


2020-01-31 09:47

manager   ~0002759

@MatN, "And talking of the TOC..."
thanks for the cue, see if you like it this way (after Phyllis put it on the git). The problem remains to take the numbering off the plugin titles, but keep the numbering in the TOC; any ideas on how to do it? Maybe \setsecnumdepth? I don't really understand how this works!
I only found two warnings in Plugins.aux; but I can't get my hands on them. In Plugins.tex now the warning is gone.


2020-01-30 18:43

reporter   ~0002758

latexmk works only if you start it as "latexmk -pdf" . This is because LaTeX itself can only handle a very limited number of images formats, and .pdf and .png are not among them. I tried by extracting the logo from the PDF as .png. It looks that latexmk computes a checksum of each file, and stores if in a text file CinelerraGG_Manual.fdb_latexmk . This means that simply "touch" on a file, which changes the date/time, does not cause a rebuild, I tried it. And, I noticed that the first time I got it running, it made 3 passes.

Interestingly, almost all images are type .png, but about have are not a .png internally, but jpeg. This can be seen by (from a terminal) doing "file *.png" in the images directory.
What is the reason for this? If .png is the preferred format, shouldn't the files internally also be .png ?

@Andrea, thank you for the very many updates you do, the manual looks very good.
I did not have Andrea's build error either.
If you build using TeXstudio, please look at the log: there's a duplicate label in Plugins

@Phyllis, the default Mint PDF reader, xreader, does not allow to jump directly to a TOC entry by cmd line option. I've entered a feature request for it in their git, who knows...
Have not looked at the other platforms.

And talking of the TOC, it would be nicer if we could control TOC entry level from within a chapter, because e.g. not all of the effects need the subsection entry in the TOC. But it is a frequent problem, changing that.


2020-01-30 00:20

manager   ~0002757

Last edited: 2020-01-30 00:24

View 2 revisions

Checked in Andrea's numerous fixes to include:
Applicable to all: - Little changes in "italic/typescript, - resize some images
   CinelerraGG_Manual.tex, Stuff.tex, Recording.tex, DVD.tex
Multi5s.tex: - Reposizioned wrapfigure 14.6
Shortcuts.tex: -insert a \newpage
Configuration.tex: - add Pulseaudio item.
- Add "only X11 video driver" to Scaling Equation.
- Adjusted black arrows in fig 17.1 and 17.2
- Put the \url in \small

@Andrea - I did not get the error that you got "CinelerraGG_manual.tex error line 13 File ended ..". What I found on the internet was a suggestion to delete the .aux files and re-run LaTeX, maybe MatN has a real solution.



2020-01-29 17:34

manager   ~0002754

Thanks to MatN for the nice solution. I have a problem: I can't build the pdf because of the following error:

CinelerraGG_manual.tex error line 13 File ended while scanning use of \@@BOOKMARK. \begin{document}

Do you know how to fix it?

@Phyllis: from my review of CinelerraGG_Manual.tex remove the line \settocdepth{subsection}, using tocvsec2 is no longer needed.


2020-01-29 16:12

manager   ~0002752

Checked in MatN's TOC for Plugins - I LIKE IT ! What do you think Andrea?
I have not attemped latexmk (einhander's note) yet.


2020-01-29 13:39

reporter   ~0002751

I cannot use latexmk (einhander's note) to build, because it stops on missing file "./images/cin-logo" which is an PDF and not a png. TeXstudio does not complain.
Should there not be a cin_logo.png ?


2020-01-28 23:23

manager   ~0002748

I forgot to check the Plugins.tex additional sentences you added that were translated by DeepL but will try to get that done today yet.
There is a plan to add the "h" shortcut to Cinelerra for Help but I do not know if it can be linked to a plugin in the TOC. That would be good though. However, the Help connection is not in the foreseeable future yet.
@All - some more fixes from Andrea added to GIT checkin today. Before this, the CinelerraGG_Manual.pdf was updated on the website (minus some possible wording for DeepL translated sentences yet).


2020-01-28 10:33

reporter   ~0002744

Have you looked at the tocvsec2 package? Apparently it allows close control over what is listed in the TOC.
See .

Is the idea that by having an entry for the plugins in the TOC, it might become possible to link (for help) from an effect plugin directly to the PDF and the entry for the plugin?


2020-01-27 16:05

manager   ~0002743

Nice update/changes from Andrea to include have been checked into GIT:

- add blue color to section titles (by Olaf). Do you like? YES, I LIKE IT !!!!!!

-add "Allow keyframe spanning" section

[NOTE1: To answer to %Todo (I don't know if from Andrey or MatN); I
had put each plugin title as "\subsection" (with its numbering)
because I wanted the index of the manual.pdf to show the entry for
each plugin. This was to make it faster and more convenient to search
for a certain plugin. But in fact the plugin names do not appear in
the TOC and so we need another way to put them and we can remove the
use of \subsections or numbering.
NOTE2: Among the audio plugins that I consider important, I left out
Equalizer; Parametric Equalizer and Synthesizer. Among the video
plugins that I consider important, I left out Sphere Cam; (SVG via
Inkscape and ReRoute have been criticized for their working). I have
not put better and more detailed descriptions for absolute lack of
NOTE3: The sentences added by me have been translated with DeepL and
probably need revision.]

- Little changes in "italic/typescript"
- downsize/upsize some images
- Add/modify audio plugins: Reverb; Compressor; Compressor Multi; Chorus; Flanger; Tremolo.
- Add/modify video plugins: Alpha; Crop & Position; Foreground; Sketcher; Tracer.
- Modify Interlacing options (from Resource --> Info) in Frame to Fields plugin.
- Changed "c"inelerra in "C"inelerra.
- Correct strange behavior with perspective plugin: \longtable (changed in \tabular)
- Changed tabular in longtable (sketcher plugin)
- various small changes
+ I checked MatN's Plugins.tex to ensure all of his changes were in and added his 180 degree fix.


2020-01-25 17:40

manager   ~0002737

Checked in MatN's changes as follows (BUT not Plugins.tex which I will merge later with Andrea's changes for the plugin additions that he is currently working on)

Changed "cinelerra" to "Cinelerra" if it is used as a name in the following parts:
Developer (in Developer.tex I did remove the 5.1 from Cinelerra 5.1 and eventually the other 5.1 should either be removed or changed to GG except in pathnames), DVD, Installation, Introduction, Multi5s, Recording, Rendering, Shortcuts, Stuff, Transition, Windows. Plus: Overlays: removed out-of-place UK pound sign & Recording: fixed text in Android remote control section.

Last night I checked in Editing.tex in order to add "Referenced File" section.


2020-01-24 03:32

manager   ~0002736

Checked into website Latex Manual GIT a few more corrections from MatN + me.
If anyone notices Cinelerra, Ubuntu, Mint and other distros spelled without the first character as a capital letter when not used as code, please change them if you think of it.
Also, sometimes I might check changes in without mentioning it here if it is just "words" or missing features but will stay away from Plugins.tex.


2020-01-22 00:37

manager   ~0002735

Andrea is going to work on Plugins.tex next. I only have part of the Audio CompressorMulti done so it can wait. I did update Tips.tex to add a short description of Transcode to the Proxy section. More corrections from Andrea checked into GIT:

Title.tex:- fit cover in one page
Introduction.tex:\url in \small (I hopefully changed this correctly)
Loadandsave.tex:- add internal link with appendix, - some words/phrases in typescript, - internal link to 8.1 and 4.3.3, - "load recent..." new option is missing.
Editing.tex:, - Credits on AShuttle Pro section: eliminate broken link. - internal link to 16.1.1, - Add \item to drag groups (from BT 0000362)
Rendering.tex:,- Little adjustment of "italic/typescript"
FFmpeg.tex:- Little adjustment of "italic/typescript", - internal link to 4.3.3
Keyframes.tex:,- Little adjustment of "italic/typescript",- The description of the "allow keyframe spanning" button is missing.

When you create a drag selection and you modify a value in a plugin then everything in the selection gets modified the same. It use the previous keyframe and if there is no previous keyframe, then the default keyframe in your $HOME/.bcast5 definitions is used.


2020-01-20 19:50

manager   ~0002733

Checked into GIT, Andrea's numerous formatting changes in Windows.tex + ...

Windows.tex:- add internals link - change words/phrases by removing quotes and putting "italic" and "typescript". - Added information on the coloured bar that appears (in the Timebar) between the In and Out points., - Change mask_window.png, - Change resource_window.png
Stuff.tex: Put in graphical arrows in fig 17.1 and 17.2
Installation.tex: changes \url to \href{mailto:[email protected] }{mailing list}
FFmpeg.tex: changes \url to \href{mailto:[email protected] }{mailing list}

I did Installation.tex manually as it was not in the tar.gz file so hopefully I did it correctly and I found an url in ffmpeg.tex too that I changed.


2020-01-20 13:45

manager   ~0002732

It seems to me a common option for all NLEs (who allows multiple selection and batch transcoding and who one file at a time). For me putting them after the proxy section is OK.

Proxy 1:1
I'm sorry, I'm incompetent about proxy.

PS: I just downloaded the pdf from the website (last commit: "11 hours ago"). It contains MatN's latest interventions. No problem for me.


2020-01-19 22:17

manager   ~0002728

Today checked in your latest fixups for Recording/Multi5s/Stuff/Plugins/Rendering. Also, settings.tex EXCEPT for
  \chapterstyle{madsen} % one of chapter header style for memoir documentclass
because looking at that versus adding to CinelerraGG_Manual.tex the line: /parskip=14pt which to me looks better for paragraphs. But I am flexible.

Just need your opinion on "Innovative New Features" -- I do not know if Transcode is innovative or not. I have added it here locally in Tips.tex after Proxy. Is this Proxy 1:1 different than other NLEs and should I mention it next to Proxy as an Innovative new feature?

The manual is already starting to look more consistent which is hard to do with so many pieces being put together and my inconsistency in writing Features5.

FYI: even though gg has been updating the CinelerraGG_Manual.pdf on the website every couple of days to keep it updated with your changes, it seems to download to us here in the United States an older version.


2020-01-19 20:26

reporter   ~0002725

Sorry, Andrea. I would like to do them but I am out of the games for a while, for my personal problem.
For that, you needed to do a fake with Inkscape. I guess that Olaf or Sam could make it but they may be busy on their things, I think.
I am so sorry.


2020-01-19 19:14

manager   ~0002724

@IgorBeg, @All
I was trying to put the images of the Mask tool taken from the manual-cv inside our manual-gg. But they are unusable. I tried to make some of them myself, but I get very bad results when I put in writing and arrows. Do you want/time to propose something yourself? I'd integrate them into manual-gg.
I Append the various images.

mask-images.tar.gz (740,173 bytes)


2020-01-19 14:52

reporter   ~0002722

@Andrea, I gladly leave shooting arrows to you :-)

I only have \todo in plugins in the gg git clone I have.
I've just mailed Phyllis an update for settings, to fix the run-in of numbers and text in the table of figures. But there are entries without caption in section 12, I'll look at those.


2020-01-19 12:35

manager   ~0002720

I wasn't consistent at all, because I didn't realise until late that the edges were coming off. Now that I've started revising the manual, I'm gradually correcting the spaces between the arrows and the abuse I've made of Typescript. So leave those two things to me, so we don't do the same job twice.

Speaking of TODO, in the chapter Windows.tex there is a "%\todo" of, I think, Andrey. But I don't understand its meaning (what is Fig 3?).


2020-01-19 11:24

reporter   ~0002716

Ah, I didn't know there should be arrows in those pictures, I thought you were referring to the text.

Regarding the space around the arrows, good argument about breakline. So it should be xxxxx $\rightarrow$ yyyy everywhere ? I think it is, but I'll keep it in mind when reading the manual.


2020-01-19 10:52

manager   ~0002715

Are you referring to the TODO in figures 17.1 and 17.2? I will insert the arrows (tikz code) shortly and send the changes to Phyllis. Then we can delete the Todo.

I put the space between the arrows because it doesn't give you any breaklines problem, especially if you use Typescript. Is there another solution?


2020-01-19 10:13

reporter   ~0002713

your point 1. If in Settings.tex you change
  \chapterstyle{madsen} % one of chapter header style for memoir documentclass
  \chapterstyle{komalike} % one of chapter header style for memoir documentclass
and rebuild, is that better? I wonder if we should put page numbers in the header too, if there is no footer that saves space. And for screen reading I think that is nice.

there is still a \todo about an arrow. I think it looks fine, so maybe it can go?
Also, it would be nice if the arrows were all specified identically, regarding spaces yes/no before or after .


2020-01-18 17:19

manager   ~0002710

Last edited: 2020-01-18 17:21

View 2 revisions

Checked in Andrea's cleanup and help changes to GIT:
packages.tex: Put options for small font size and italic in the captions package
Introduction.tex: - Putting words/phrases in quotation marks in "italic"., - added item-list entry on OpenEDL,- Put in \small some \url
Installation.tex:- \url in small font and "centered",- Added dependencies for Arch Linux,- Quotation marks are removed from some words/phrases and put in,"italic" or "typescript".,- removed \todo{hanging line},- solved \todo{link} by putting a link to it adding "numbers=none" option to [lstlisting].



2020-01-18 00:30

manager   ~0002709

Checked into GIT MatN's 11.tex files that fix:
  Configuration, FFmpeg, Loadandsave, Plugins, Recording, Rendering : line numbers removed.
  DVD: line numbers removed, overwritten lines fixed (above picture dvd-batch01.png).
  Editing: line numbers removed, fixed double defined label fig:timeline , open EDL picture lenght.png was
     include twice.
  Shortcuts: fix double defined labels.
  Tips: fix double defined label.
  Windows: line numbers removed, fixed double defined labels.

Will upload the CinelerraGG_Manual.pdf built with the most recent set of changes to the website. But I think we need to have a blank line between paragraphs - how to do that? Previously each paragraph was indented about 5 spaces but I think no indentation and just a blank line looks better.

I don't know anything about GIT so I can not answer about "Isn't there a way to connect the gg repository to the branch I already have? (that clone of einhander)" but the gg GIT will probably be updated quite frequently so it would probably be better to pull from that. However, we do not want to lose any of your work so if you are most comfortable working as you have been, continue to do so and hopefully I can merge in all of your changes (we have Gmods here to do this).


2020-01-17 21:26

manager   ~0002708

If I do a "clone git" I have to make a new branch in a new directory. So I find myself a branch with the einhander git clone (which I have worked on so far) and a new branch with the gg git clone. From now on, I only have to use this last one? Isn't there a way to connect the gg repository to the branch I already have? (that clone of einhander).


2020-01-17 19:11

manager   ~0002707

The Shuttle key layout is suppose to be suggestive of the physical layout as you see in the image a few pages earlier. For example in the photo, there are 4 rectangular silver colored button towards the bottom. These are K10, K11 and K12, K13 in the Shuttle key layout and the K# names match the Cinelerra script for defining the functions of the key. Page 13 in the following url:
would be better but you can count on me NOT to do that!


2020-01-17 18:16

reporter   ~0002706

To avoid double work, I am already working on your point 5, have sent updated "editing" and "windows" to Phyllis. Currently tackling "ffmpeg" . By the way, I use Geany for this, as it has wider search facilities and can build Latex too. Once done, I'll look what else I can do.

Why is the Shuttle key layout presented as it is? I could get it onto a portrait page, but is a simple list like for the Cinelerra keys not more readable?


2020-01-17 17:57

reporter   ~0002705

1. If you already created a copy of the gg git by "git clone", then just a "git pull" in the directory is sufficient, the entire path is not needed.

2. On github, if you want to contribute, you (after getting an account) you create a "branch" of the main git for that product, using a unique name for that branch, clone that new branch to you local system. Then you make changes to the code, put it in your local branch, then update your remote branch. Then do a "pull request" to the main branch, so that the owner of the main branch knows there are updates waiting for the main branch. I presume the gg git could work the same way.

3. Personally, I find it easier to clone the gg and einhander latex gits in separate directories, initially copy the gg git directory to another one for myself, do mods and test there, when done, I use the program "meld" to compare with the other two (and usually find something to change). When done, the modified file(s) I mail to Phyllis for review and inclusion in the gg git if OK.


2020-01-17 14:23

manager   ~0002704

Last edited: 2020-01-17 15:33

View 2 revisions

How to clone the manual directory:
 - In a window create a directory where you want to put the manual and move there. For example, I did a
   cd /tmp; mkdir Manual
 - type in: git clone git:// Manual
The above example is on /tmp and will be deleted when you reboot, so do not put it there. Then:
 - look at in that directory on how to proceed

To merge into an existing git, first get into that directory and type:
 - type in: git remote -v ;just displays the origin of your git
 - type in: git pull git://
   which will pull the later versions of files and create new ones



2020-01-17 13:59

manager   ~0002703

Forgive my stupidity; you can show me step by step how to add the cinelerra gg repository for the latex manual to my git? Then I can pull it so I can update my branch.
Another question: if I make updates on my git, then send the various .tex files to Phyllis via email or Bug Tracker or are there other ways?

About Phyllis' item 3, I think it's best left to Latex. That's its main feature, and when changes/additions are made to other parts there's no need for new interventions.


2020-01-16 17:54

manager   ~0002701

I checked in the settings changes as recommended by MatN and switched to oneside (and Translations.tex).
Did not add Glossary yet though.


2020-01-16 16:29

reporter   ~0002700

regarding point 2:
In settings if you change to:

\usepackage{geometry} % page geometry

you get the same margin left/right, and no paragraph indent (which I find confusing for short paragraphs).

In addition, in the main document, if you change \documentclass to oneside, you get rid of some blank pages. two sides are irrlevant for screen reading anyway.
Please see if this makes it better for you.

Maybe we ought to have different build for screen reading, large and small, and also for paper (left/right side different, and nicer chapter headings.)


2020-01-16 08:44

manager   ~0002697

I will not be brief :-)

The two big things to do:

1- Images:
a- Make high definition images for printing.
b- Using a uniform theme (by Sam, I can't remember where)
c- Remove the window bar (by Olaf; BT77 #2500)
d- Get low-definition images for video from high-definition ones.
e- New global images at the beginning of each chapter (by Phyllis; bt77 #2498)
f- Size the images so that they all have the same size lettering (by Olaf, I can't remember where)

2- Conversion to html and then:
a- translate into several languages
b- contact user who had proposed conversion to Asciidoc.

Other things:

3- Layout changes (basically point 2 proposed by Phyllis):
a- Olaf's proposals (BT77 #2466)
b- proposal by MatN (BT77 #2644)
c- add color to pages (by Olaf; BT77 #2470)

4- Add introduction to the Mask Tool taken from the CV manual, with related images (by IgorBeg; I can't remember where)

5- Remove numbering from [lstlisting] that does not require it.

6- Personal opinions, my obsessions, which you can tell me not to waste my time with:
a- to standardize the Labels by putting them all in lower case and without blanks.
b- put all commands, actions, instructions, paths and code into Monospace fonts.

For point 2 of Phyllis my opinion is that you can make a second version for the video, so not a book version. With Latex it should be instantaneous.

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