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0000375Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-02-08 17:08
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Summary0000375: Open EDL possible bugs and feature requests
DescriptionAdding Dan's email here so that it does not get lost.
1. if i am not in layer 0, saving does not actually pass modifications upstream to layer 0. I presume it saves something somewhere, but the layer 0 edl never gets updated with the new info, so new modifications work as expected until I close the session, and then when I reopen it, I lose all the new work. The only way to have changes in layers 1 and 2 persist across sessions is to return to layer 0 before saving. this can wreck your day if you forget.
2. one of the advantages of layer editing is keeping a tidy session. it would be nice if each layer only showed the resources it is using directly. In my case for example, the only EDLs which directly reference camera files are layer 2. If I manually remove all the camera files from the resource window of layer 1, I get a neat and tidy resource window, but as soon as I go into layer 2 and return to layer 1, the camera files for the referenced session reappear in layer 1 resource window.
3. often, when I try to drag edits left or right (either of video clips or plugin boundaries), they don't 'keep up' with my mouse. that is, when I let go of the mouse button, the edit hasn't moved as far as the cursor, so I have to drag several times.
4. sometimes, when dragging edits on a track that has deactivated plugins, the plugins activate on their own after moving the clip boundaries, so that each time I move the edit I have to manually deactivate the plugins again.
5. right click > zoom doesn't work on mixer windows

Feature requests:
1. It would be nice to have a videoscope on the compositor in addition to the ability to add plugins to each track. That way we can avoid having to manually activate/deactivate scopes on each track and have several scopes open at a time. The compositor scope would automatically correspond to whatever we see in the compositor.
2. turning off play on a track should stop it streaming in the mixer windows (if this would save processing and i/o overhead).
3. It would be nice to be able to activate/deactivate all plugins on a nested session via a 'nested plugin' strip like we get when sharing processing between tracks. An alternative would be a context menu option (activate/deactivate plugins) when right clicking on the edl in the resource window, or when right clicking on a clip on the timeline.
4. It would be nice to be able to modify length of transitions by dragging the transition's 'length' bar, this would save huge amounts of time and clicks.
5. It would be nice to be able to choose a slider in the camera and projector XYZ controls instead of up/down arrows and number boxes. sliders would allow quick editing if we need to do fast reframing, or we could switch back to numbers for more precise control.
6. It would be nice to be able to select a range and clear all transitions.
7. It would be nice to be able to select a range and transform all keyframes to linear or curved via context menu.
8. I still think making 'd' the shortcut for delete last track is soooo dangerous.
9. It would be nice to have a configurable autosave (that doesn't overwrite the source track, but makes backups every x minutes in an 'autosave' folder).

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