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0000405Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Bugpublic2020-04-26 13:02
ReporterIgorBeg Assigned ToPhyllisSmith  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Platformx64OSLinux-UbuntuStudioOS Version16.04
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Target VersionFixed in Version2020-04 
Summary0000405: BoxBlur plugin. Crash changing Width or Height values.
DescriptionCinelerra crash with dump, when I change Width or Height values of the BoxBlur effect.
It does not change if it is done with Tumble, MouseWheel or edit on the TextBox.
I added dump file.

would it be possible to add Sliders for the X, Y, W, H and Clear buttons for all the Sliders?
If you want I could create a demo, like Mask tool or Crop&Position tool. I am afraid that @Olaf may not like it. ;-)
Additional InformationCin version: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 04:27:31 +0200 (20:27 -0600) by git
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2020-04-26 13:02

manager   ~0003310

Although it could still be improved a little, it is pretty good so am closing.


2020-04-26 07:51

reporter   ~0003308

For me, it is good, now.
GG and Phyllis, Thank you so much!


2020-04-13 04:06

manager   ~0003167

The fix for the layout was checked into GIT. However, I have not determined why Cakewalk is different and so now it is a little off but I will see what I can figure out.


2020-04-12 07:26

reporter   ~0003164

As usually I appreciate your contribution. Thank you.

Thank you and.... take your time, please.


2020-04-12 01:58

manager   ~0003162

OK on note 3157 - I made a mod but gg is working on Videoscope fixes yet so no checkin. More tomorrow.


2020-04-11 21:38

administrator   ~0003161

Last edited: 2020-04-12 02:10

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Sorry I couldn't answer earlier. It's hard to believe, but despite the quarantine and many reported economic slumps, I have a lot of work to do. Therefore it can sometimes take a little longer until I answer.

I almost always agree with your suggestions, and also in this case, I think you have a good sense of design. As long as the design is clear, minimalist and well structured, I am always for it.

But your screenshots show that it does indeed look slightly different. Strange



2020-04-11 12:05

reporter   ~0003160

Mmh, the BoxBlur layout in the Cakewalk theme is good. It is strange, I think.
Take a look the picture "BoxBlur_ResetDefaultBtns_inThemes.png" added, please.



2020-04-11 08:22

reporter   ~0003157

Just a word, GG and Phyllis: THANKS!

I know I am a boxes breaker, but could you do a little adjustment? To move the Bar (above Reset and Default buttons) together the Reset and Default buttons a bit down (I think 10 pixels, but I am not sure)?
Thanks, Thanks, Thanks for all your time.

Where are you @Sam? I needed you for aesthetic support.


2020-04-11 00:44

manager   ~0003155

GG checked into GIT the latest BoxBlur layout as suggested. He did add the Default button after all.
BoxBlur was kind of a side event that came out of Videoscope BUT now we need to get back to finishing Videoscope because there are still things to do there for improvement.


2020-04-10 22:31

manager   ~0003153

No, we are not going to delete any of them. Sorry for making you worry.


2020-04-10 20:40

reporter   ~0003152

NO problem @PhyllisSmith. Thanks.

PLEEEEASE, do not delete ALL the Default buttons that there are in some plugin like Whirl, ZoomBlur, Unsharp, Sharpen, Translate, Wave, RadialBlur. PLEEEASE. I need them.


2020-04-10 19:54

manager   ~0003151

We have been arguing about the 2 buttons all morning long. The problem with the "Default" button is that it is a keyword in the C programming language which means that when GG does a grep for that, he gets buried in Default words that have nothing to do with the code. We will see which one he picks but my guess is he will leave Reset and eliminate Default. I hope that is OK as sometimes I argue with no results.


2020-04-10 19:04

reporter   ~0003150

IMHO, the Default button is needed when the plugin has a specific setup. While the Reset button clears all the values (in this plugin, as Default but: Horz= Vert= Power= 0).
If you think that two buttons are too many, I would leave the Default button. But that is just my thought.


2020-04-10 12:08

reporter   ~0003148

Thank you so much GG/Phyllis.
I agree with You about the power of the Mask tool.
I understand, and I don't want to waste your precious time.

If possible to change little things, I have done another photomontage.
Reasons (for me, of course):
- Unnecessary "Box Blur" text on the top-left of the window, because the window Title already explains which effect it is.
- "Position & Size" instead of "Position" text
- "Reset" button: change to zero all the values.
- "Default" button: set the values to a predefined value.

I know, I am asking you too much, sorry. And Thanks.

BoxBlur_v02.png (15,451 bytes)
BoxBlur_v02.png (15,451 bytes)


2020-04-10 00:54

manager   ~0003147

Last edited: 2020-04-10 00:56

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Made layout changes to BoxBlur BUT had so many problems with adding slider bars for X/Y and W/H that they will not be added. The Math just did not come together and it turned into a mess so backed that out but left in a lot of IgorBeg's layout. See attached.

There were some things brought up in other BT's that I will try to respond to here (if I can remember them all):
- Do not want to set Drag on automatically as a default because new/occasional users may not know to disable it, then do a render with it on not realizing it will ruin the output, and they will have wasted time to do over.
- Although "blur", "solid", and "pixelated" are really, really good ideas, I could not convince GG to add them as the is really just a "Blur" plugin and nothing else. He spent a lot of time over a 2 month period to really improve the Mask operation and so would suggest to use that as it makes more sense and that is what it is meant for. Also as RafaMar mentioned in the other BT, it hardly uses any resources -- it is meant to be really just fast.

boxblur.png (9,261 bytes)
boxblur.png (9,261 bytes)


2020-04-09 19:10

reporter   ~0003146

I can understand your two "About" answer.
Okay Phyllis , if you want you can close this ticket.
Thank you. (And Thanks for this new great Plugin)

Unfortunately I didn't understand why my old project has a different track format than the project format. But, now, I have a workaround and It could be useful for other users, if/when the same problem came out.


2020-04-09 16:16

manager   ~0003145

Does note 3142 mean that note 3123 three itemized problems are no longer issues? Please confirm so I can move on to some other problems. Because as Olaf stated in another issue, seems like there are lots of bugs. Of course, in a program that, depending on how you count is somewhere between 250,000 to 500,000 lines of code and continuously adding new features, you would expect that to be true.

About: "is it possible to change X,Y coordinates referred to pivot point (drag point) and not to TopLeftCorner (X1,Y1), if You and other users agree with me, please?" NO, because of existing projects (like using the Titler plugin), this would be a nightmare and our goal is to minimize impact to previously existing projects.

About: "Width and Height textBoxes should show the size of the Project/VideoTrack because it blur the full canvas, not W:0, H:0. What do you think." Well, I learned something new yesterday, a Width of 0 designates the whole X area and a Height of 0 represents the whole Y area -- again, consistent how the Titler plugin was designed to work. This too should be documented.


2020-04-09 09:35

reporter   ~0003142

"the box is really there but is off the screen because the project size, for example, is different than the video track"

Yes, GG/Phyllis, yours analyze is right, as always! ;-)
I opened my project (test.xml) with a text editor and I can see what you said: Project size is 480x270 and the video tracks are 1920x1080. It is strange, I think.
To confirm your sentences I clicked Apply on Settings-> Format... and save the project as "test_1.xml". Opened the project with text editor and now the Video tracks have the same size of the project 480x270 (except the Audio tracks at 1920x1080).
Thank you for your time.

About "gg is working on modifying the BoxBlur menu to add sliders and clear buttons as requested."
I don't know if other users like my layout even though it is more comfortable, I think.

I wrote here and I surely wrong.
Is it possible to change X,Y coordinates referred to pivot point (drag point) and not to TopLeftCorner (X1,Y1), if You and other users agree with me, please?
Finally, I think, when Reset (now, the Clear button that perform the Default function) is clicked, then Width and Height textBoxes should show the size of the Project/VideoTrack because it blur the full canvas, not W:0, H:0. What do you think.


2020-04-09 01:37

manager   ~0003137

One fix to BoxBlur has been added for an initialization issue.
About your number 1 issue in your previous note, I "only think" that the box is really there but is off the screen because the project size, for example, is different than the video track -- at least we got one to show us that and then when we resized track, you could now see the drag lines which had previously been outside the compositor screen area.
Also, gg is working on modifying the BoxBlur menu to add sliders and clear buttons as requested.


2020-04-08 22:47

manager   ~0003132

Geez, I have been looking at this off and on all day and could never create the problem. But now have as Olaf/IgorBeg have cleared the fog. I hope we can figure it out yet.


2020-04-08 20:02

reporter   ~0003130

If I use BoxBlur effect in a new project it works fine (except the Drag checkbox no updated with Clear button).

The problem occur when I use a pre-existent project. But (thanks to @Olaf BT 0000409,... you opened my eyes) if I go in Settings-> Format... and click on Apply button, then the BoxBlur effect works right.
May be that BoxBlur doesn't read the size of the my project at the first time?

Cin_release: Wed, 8 Apr 2020 02:37:17 +0200 (18:37 -0600)


2020-04-08 11:42

reporter   ~0003123

Thanks GG/Phyllis.
Now no crash but...

1) When there is only a video track in the Timeline the BoxBlur plugin doesn't work; no Blur is applied.
Screencast "BoxBlur_onlyOneVideoTrack.ogv" at

2) When there are two video tracks and BoxBlur is applied to the top video track it works.
Clear button doesn't Reset Drag check box.
Screencast "BoxBlur_onTopVideoTrackOfTwo.ogv" at

3) When there are two video tracks and BoxBlur effect is applied to the last (bottom) video track the BoxBlur plugin doesn't work; no Blur is applied.

IMHO, Clear button should be used only for the slider not for Reset all.

I don't know if it is helpful, when I make a build I use:
./configure --with-single-user --without-shuttle-usb --without-vaapi --without-vdpau --disable-dav1d

Cin_release: Wed, 8 Apr 2020 02:37:17 +0200 (18:37 -0600)


2020-04-08 00:25

manager   ~0003120

Thanks, IgorBeg. The dump pointed out the problem and a fix will be added soon. I have shown GG the photomontage and will see what he has to say.
Oh, and boxblur.h is in the main Cinelerra area because it was initially used for something-that-I-can-no-longer-remember and then gg decided to make a plugin out of it too.


2020-04-07 21:55


BoxBlur_cinelerra_4495_byRoot.dmp.tar.gz (34,264 bytes)


2020-04-07 21:54

reporter   ~0003118

Thank you so much for your tests.
I added dump file by root. I hope it may help. It is really strange. Thanks!

Curiosity: I saw that in folder "cinelerra-5.1/plugins/boxblur/" there is only boxblur.c source file but there isn't boxblur.h like in other plugins. Could you explain why in "easy" way, please?

Finally, I added a photomontage about the layout.

BoxBlur_v01.png (21,100 bytes)
BoxBlur_v01.png (21,100 bytes)


2020-04-07 15:26

manager   ~0003112

Neither of us could reproduce a crash and had no problems dragging, tumbler changes, mouse wheel, typing in the textbox or anything else.
GG is going to build on Ubuntu 16 using the same git version of April 6 and then use that to see if he can find the code pointed out by your dump. It would be helpful, only if you have time, to run debuggable as root and get a dump.


2020-04-07 08:59

reporter   ~0003108

It is daring to portray me as a sourpuss in a prominent position in advance. Imagine me waking up one morning with a toothache and finding nothing funny. - Try it with cuddling naked people on the demo timeline and time will fly by for the audience, too. ;)


2020-04-07 07:39


BoxBlur_cinelerra_3948.dmp.tar.gz (16,168 bytes)

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