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0000058Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-01-01 14:44
ReporterSam Assigned Togoodguy  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2018-11 
Target VersionFixed in Version2018-12 
Summary0000058: Changeable colors for the asset title & background
DescriptionWhile we're on the subject of colors.
Which would also be very useful to change the title bars in the timeline to a different color. I have added a photomontage to make it clear. Would certainly be a nice addition for the future.
Additional Information@IgorBeg has written:

Sam: "Do you only use the pure text mode in the resource window or also with the thumbnails? "
Both. Sometimes, for me, the filename is more useful than the thumbnail (if the filenames "speak").

I agree with you again, Sam, to your 0000162 message. (And maybe, we should open a new ticket-feature),...
I had done a photomontage "Edits_drawsWithColours.gif", some times ago, to show what I meant on one of my first thread
The animated gif added, shows 5 screenshots: 1 and 2 are the originals by Cinelerra-Infinity and, from 3 to 5, are photomontages to show only the idea. Same colour means same video/audio file.
The colours are not saturated but soft and are not choosen by user (but by algorithm). I think in HSV mode with S and V fixed and H variable to have soft colour.
As you can see in the GIF, on timeline there are 11 edits. A few edits come from the same file:
- File A: 01, 06
- File B: 02, 04
- File C: 07, 09, 11
- File D: 08, 10
This feature could be useful when the height of tracks in the timeline is smaller, or when Assets are disabled, or the Title's name is too long to see it completely. More, I can understand my editing by colours.
(@GG/Phyllis: sorry for the insistence)
TagsMain window, Timeline




2018-12-23 14:09

manager   ~0000350

Marking as resolved because it looks like all areas have been addressed. There was a new ubuntu16 build at:
that I did not mention with the alpha fader slider fix in and yesterday's change for 0000007.


2018-12-23 07:06

administrator   ~0000340

Thx, it works fine.


2018-12-22 20:46

manager   ~0000329

Latest GIT checkin: these two pixel column separators are now gray - 4a4a4a
+ the "alpha fader slider bar" box and tooltip problems are fixed (I think we got them all).


2018-12-22 12:54

administrator   ~0000323

I confirm 0000321


2018-12-22 12:52

reporter   ~0000321

The "alpha fader slider bar" and its box have some issues. The slider cursor go away when I go inside the box (maybe depends by my little screen that don’t show the full bar? I don’t know). If I set the slider with its pointer to a value and then I click inside the box, the value setted is changed.
I added a screencast


2018-12-22 12:50

reporter   ~0000320

Title text colours are Okay, for me.
Well done, GG/Phyllis!


2018-12-22 08:20

administrator   ~0000318

At the title bar we made the first and last pixel column completely black. Unfortunately this gives the impression that one pixel is missing and it is not flush with the thumbnail below the title bar. Although it is only one pixel, I notice that as a designer. I would suggest that we put these two pixel columns in a slightly darker gray, so you can see in contrast to the black background that a pixel exists and it is still dark enough to see the separation of the title bars well. I achieved the best result with the following gray. #4a4a4a rgba(74, 74, 74, 1)


2018-12-22 03:06

manager   ~0000316

The title colors have been set back to Dec 19 as shown in IgorB's demos. The titles are based on the theme, so if you are in the Pink Lady theme you should avoid the pink color and ditto for Neophyte theme, you should avoid white. The change that went in on the 20th for inverse colors was to compensate for white titles in Neo but it was a misunderstanding about white.

Also, there is now a box on the "alpha fader slider bar" to show its numerical value which only real purpose was to be able to add a tooltip so users would have some idea as to what it is.

IgorB: there will be an ubuntu16 build in the download directory in a few minutes if you have time to test (along with Mint18)


2018-12-21 14:01

reporter   ~0000312

Thanks for all great work and for all built you have done for me ( and for all users that use Ubuntu-16).
I agree with Sam (0000310). Seems to me that in your Ub16 built dated "Dec 19 2018 18:48:27" the TitleTextColor was perfect.
In the last Ub16 built dated "Dec 20 2018 20:46:19" the TitleTextColor is not good, I think.
I added screencast (really boring) about before/after with all themes:

Themes-TimelineTitleColor_01.ogv --> Okay (Ub16 built dated "Dec 19 2018 18:48:27")

Themes-TimelineTitleColor_02.ogv --> Mmh (Ub16 built dated "Dec 20 2018 20:46:19")



2018-12-21 07:47

administrator   ~0000310

In the Unflat theme the new font color is not good. I really have trouble recognizing it, because there is also a slight green tint. With the SUV and Neophyte it's okay. I have attached a screenshot. As a designer I would only use the color white and black for the font. Depending on how the HUE value is, I choose the color white or black. I've attached an example here which allows you to calculate relatively easily which of the two colors is more suitable. Maybe it is a help.

Font-color.jpg (38,131 bytes)
Font-color.jpg (38,131 bytes)


2018-12-21 04:25

administrator   ~0000308

It is very clear to me that the greatest feature of Cinelerrs-GG.... It's... you two, its creators.

I absolutely agree with Pierre's opinion. :-)


2018-12-21 04:21

updater   ~0000307

It's perfect Phyllis; my old timelines have regained their colors...

It is now late, I will continue the tests tomorrow.

It is very clear to me that the greatest feature of Cinelerrs-GG.... It's... you two, its creators.


2018-12-21 03:41

manager   ~0000306

Pierre: the correction was checked into GIT. There is a new Mint18 build at:
It works for old projects on my computer now with this fix. Hope this is the end of the pain.


2018-12-21 03:10

manager   ~0000305

Pierre: of course this is unacceptable. We misunderstood and thought it was just the projects of the last few days. Now that we know, gg has a correction and I will test it before making another Mint18 build. We have been pushing the boundaries this last couple of weeks.


2018-12-21 02:39

updater   ~0000304

The pleasure of a new version and its difficulties....

When I open XML files from old projects; not only on the timeline, the title bars are pure white and the texts are invisible, but the same goes for video tracks and the background of audio tracks.

These projects are now unusable as they are. You announced it but what should I do?

I have a lot of old projects, which I occasionally want to work on, some of them are very long and have a lot of segments on their timeline. Colouring each of these segments individually will be too much work. Is there a simple solution to get them back to a usable state? This problem will arise for all current Cinelerra-GG users when they open their existing projects in January in the new version of Cinelerra-GG.


2018-12-20 21:27

manager   ~0000302

Latest GIT changes:
(1) alpha slider fixed (do not be surprised if previously saved XML file have to be recolored) but this should be settled now.
(2) "the title bars are pure white and slightly shocking under the Neophyte theme"; if the color chosen is white now under Neophyte theme, the title characters will be black; change made to use different color for title than the chosen color by using the opposite. Another example if using theme Pink Lady, the title will show up as green. There will always be some color that matches though.

Made test builds. We now need to let things settle as is and make no mor major changes this month.


2018-12-20 10:10

reporter   ~0000296

Like others users, I confirm the Alpha Fader Slider issue in: Ub16, built Dec 19 2018 18:48:27, SUV theme.


2018-12-20 09:28

manager   ~0000294

It seems to me that the Fader Slider only works on edits not yet affected by the coloring. After some changes the slider doesn't work on those edits anymore.
I confirm Pierre's Note too.


2018-12-20 04:23

updater   ~0000292

Without colors (defect) the title bars are pure white and slightly shocking under the Neophyte theme; a slight grey would perhaps be softer to the eye.

And secondly, the texts of these bars are invisible (white/white)


2018-12-20 03:47

administrator   ~0000290


Small bug report: The color slider no longer works in the latest commit.


2018-12-19 21:38

manager   ~0000286

Paraphrasing GG, "yes, it could be improved some but setting up to use the GPU would require extra use too". It does not seem slow to me at all on my laptop but I do not have 200 files loaded either. Phase One is to get it out there and at some later date, improved speed of cinelerra-gg could be a good future goal in general.
Pierre: after the next GIT checkin, which contains 2 out of 3 fixes for the French words to fit in the Preferences, a test Mint18 build will be created so you can pre-test the speed.


2018-12-19 21:13

updater   ~0000285


Could the work of calculating and displaying these colors on the timeline be done by the GPU rather than the CPU?



2018-12-19 20:35

manager   ~0000284

IgorB: "Can I save CPU if the Autocolor is temporary disabled?" coloring the timeline takes about twice as much CPU every time it redraws. Yes, you can save time while editing if you turn it off while you do a lot of redraws. Any self-colored edits (clips) would of course not be turned off and that clip will take about twice as long.


2018-12-19 18:04

reporter   ~0000283

PhillisSmith wrote: "can I let more people know about your latest color manipulation demo as it covers everything? I have a short write-up for Features pdf and it would be nice for others to get a preview."
All my screencasts are yours. But their are really boring and ugly! No copyright, no royalties. ;-P

PhillisSmith wrote: "these new color features take MORE MEMORY and MORE CPU so keep that in mind and especially updating the timeline when you use the AlphaFaderSlider".
Can I save CPU if the Autocolor is temporary disabled?

The Colours Feature with Proxy/notProxy (without Scaler) is perfect! Thanks.

You are right. Sometimes Datafilehost don't works.


2018-12-19 16:54

administrator   ~0000282

I really had to laugh about your sentence with the color fader. It indeed tempts me too, to play with the color fader. :-)
Everything's fine, thanks for implementing the color feature. You did a great job.

I still can't download the file, apparently Datafilehost Server is overloaded. Phyllis was successful with the download.


2018-12-19 16:49

manager   ~0000281

I missed the following:

Sam: "I saw that if I change the alpha value in Main window (right bottom of the window) with the new slider, and then I change the colour of an edit (in screencast added at 00'39" ), also the alpha value is assigned to the thumbnails in DrawMedia. Is it right?" This is correct The fader slider only affects the Autocolor assets except in the case when you originally specifically change a color and do not change the alpha at the same time -- it has to use something. Once the alpha is established for a specially changed edit, it can only be changed again specifically or of course reset using that method to "default".

If I missed anything else, please remind me, but I did go through the notes to check.


2018-12-19 16:28

manager   ~0000280

Sam/Andrea: the stripes in the Audio have been fixed but not checked in yet (the change on the fader slider mentioned previously is also not checked in yet). GG usually uses unflat theme and I use S.U.V. They did not show in S.U.V and he had switched temporarily from unflat to fix another problem I encountered. Problem was due to theme colormodel difference so that is why it got missed.

IgorB: can I let more people know about your latest color manipulation demo as it covers everything? I have a short write-up for Features pdf and it would be nice for others to get a preview.

Sam: on the subject of smart folders colors "For me it is not important, because I am very satisfied with the current solution. Compared to before, it's great." Am I to understand that gg does not have to implement anything special color-wise? He will be relieved.

All: these new color features take MORE MEMORY and MORE CPU so keep that in mind and especially updating the timeline when you use the "alpha fader slider" (but it is so much fun to play with!)


2018-12-19 13:45

reporter   ~0000279

Mmmh, wrong link. Sorry. The right link below.


2018-12-19 13:40

administrator   ~0000278


If I understood well, there are two Colours for every clip/edit: one, auto assigned, and another one, manual assigned. Is it right?
1. Autocolor on = auto assigned, but you can overwrite every single clip with your own color
2. Autocolor off = no auto color, but you can assign manual color.

If so, I have to excuse me with Sam, for talking a lot with Scenario1... not assign color by Folder..., and bla, bla, bla. Then, your ""assigned Colour by Folder" has more sense now, for me. I'm sorry, Sam. I did't know/think about two colour assigned.
No problem. Everything is fine. :-)

I saw that if I change the alpha value in Main window (right bottom of the window) with the new slider, and then I change the colour of an edit (in screencast added at 00'39" ), also the alpha value is assigned to the thumbnails in DrawMedia. Is it right?
I was not able to download your demo video because Datafilehost is not available for me. I don't know why. I would have to see it to be able to evaluate it.


2018-12-19 12:35

reporter   ~0000275

Thanks so much GG/Phyllis for the new built Ub16 (Dec 18 2018 10:22:06). It's works very well. And the Colour Feature is really fantastic.
If I understood well, there are two Colours for every clip/edit: one, auto assigned, and another one, manual assigned. Is it right?
If so, I have to excuse me with Sam, for talking a lot with Scenario1... not assign color by Folder..., and bla, bla, bla. Then, your ""assigned Colour by Folder" has more sense now, for me. I'm sorry, Sam. I did't know/think about two colour assigned.

I saw that if I change the alpha value in Main window (right bottom of the window) with the new slider, and then I change the colour of an edit (in screencast added at 00'39" ), also the alpha value is assigned to the thumbnails in DrawMedia. Is it right?
I added a screencast:

Thanks. Another powerful feature!


2018-12-18 18:05

manager   ~0000273

Andrea: "The tracks and titles are completely white." Because gg had to change -1 to 0 for the edit color xml value. -1 was used as the default but then he had to disqualify 0 instead. So anything you saved in the first couple of days of this new feature will just have to be fixed as Sam stated. That is the beauty of "testing" early and getting feedback to improve things.

BTW: today he is going to change the default fader slider to one instead of zero.

IgorBeghetto: fixed the ubuntu version and a new one is at the link below. We will have to go "more slooooooow"

More followup later.


2018-12-18 13:09

administrator   ~0000269

I understand your arguments, but it wouldn't have been a problem for me.

I have the option to disable the "Autocolor" feature, so the folder colors would have been unique. You can also disable the Autocolor feature and give each of your clips its own colors, so you can decide which colors to use. Autocolor is more for lazy people like me.

That feature is not known to me in PP. I'm not sure but I think Lwks also has an Autocolor feature. As long as a feature is optional, it's not a problem in my eyes, but tastes are different, so I can understand your points.

It doesn't matter, because this feature wouldn't be practicable with the Smartfolders. It would only make sense if we also had normal folders without SmartFolder. Davinci R. separates these folders, they have normal folders and smartfolders. For me it is not important, because I am very satisfied with the current solution. Compared to before, it's great.


2018-12-18 10:59

reporter   ~0000267

GG/Phyllis, thanks for the built (Dec 17 2018 18:54:25) but there aren't the new changes. That built is like the built of Dec 16 2018.


2018-12-18 10:54

reporter   ~0000266

@Sam (0000254):

Thanks Sam for the answers.
The software PP assign color to clips/edits by preset and the user can changes it on single clip or on its folder. Cinelerra-GG, with the new feature, assign the colour to a clip/edit with random function (I guess), that PP have not.
I have not anything against your “assign colour by Folder”, it’s okay for me, but I would like to explain Why it is “dangerous” for me,... and I can wrong.

You have inserted some clips from Media to Timeline, and the colours have been assigned to clips by random function. You create a new user FolderX and you drag&drop from Media to a new FolderX some clips. You assign a colour to the FolderX (and then all clips inside of it). Drag&Drop the clips from FolderX to Timeline.
Question: are you sure that all the clips, with the same colour, came from the FolderX? A clip, previously inserted from Media (with colour by random), could have the same colour of the FolderX, and if your edits on Timeline is complex you can’t see it.

Before start to insert clips on Timeline, you create the Folders A, B, C, and there you drag&drop from Media to Folders. Assign the colour to every Folders. You drag&drop from Folders A, B, C, to Tmeline. It’s Okay. Then, you insert from Media to Timeline a few of clips. The random function could generate a colour of one your Folder. The day after, you can’t remember if that clip came from Folders A, B, C, or from Media. You must to use the good Find feature. In that Scenario you always have to use clips from Folders and not from Media and/or Clips.

Scenario3 (more or less like Scenario2):
You create Folders A, B, C. Drag&Drop the clips from the Folders A, B, C, to Timeline: assign colour by random function. Now you want assign the colour to Folder A and B, but not C. May be that a clip, on Timeline, from FolderC have the same colour of the Folder A or B, and you can’t see it. Then you must to assign the colour to all Folders.

In software PP that can’t occur because all the clips have the same neutral colour for default and PP don’t use random function to assign the colour to the clips (based on your answers).

Everything I wrote could be wrong. Even the random function could generate the same colors if no control is present. Only developers know. From our questions, yours and mine (users and developers), may born the solutions.
Finally, if to assign the colour were only by preset/manually, and don’t by random function, it works.
Sorry for boring.


2018-12-18 09:19

manager   ~0000265

Yeah, it works. Thanks Sam. By clearing the cache of the thumbnails and then bringing the fade slider to 1.0, everything works fine. Only with the new project; the old one stays white. The problem you found on the audio tracks remains.


2018-12-18 08:57

administrator   ~0000263

I had that, too, but I don't know how I got it off. Create a new project and delete the thumbnail cache first. I think that helped.


2018-12-18 08:53

manager   ~0000262

The tracks and titles are completely white. The same goes for any theme I choose, with "autocolor assets" enabled/disabled and using or not Fade slider. There are no errors on the terminal.
Is there any evidence that I can do to understand the cause of the problem?


2018-12-18 08:34

administrator   ~0000261

As soon as I have moved the fader to the far right, you will see small black stripes on the audio. I find that a bit irritating, it makes the audio more restless.

bg-color-issue.jpg (176,645 bytes)
bg-color-issue.jpg (176,645 bytes)


2018-12-18 02:16

administrator   ~0000257

All I can say is: Awesome!
Thank you so much!


2018-12-18 02:06

manager   ~0000256

The following changes ave been checked into GIT:

- there are now a few black pixels at the end and beginning of the title bar
- proxy media now has the same color as the media (as long as you do not self-color it)
- it would allow for less user choices if any edit that is self-colored also affects all of the rest of its components (IgorB's suggesting of parent/child/audio); do not want to lose the capability of specifically identifying each clip by a different color
- TITLE COLOR FADER added -- you will enjoy this a lot! Look at the right hand bottom of the main window where you will see a new slider bar. Use this to fade in/out your colored clips. Self-color alpha takes precedence over this fader which applies to all of the rest of the edits.
- background colors for audio and video has been added
- alpha in the color picker for self-coloring was added

The smart folder colors is not implemented as not easily added. The files in these bins are not real files but just links, kind of like in linux.
The resize of the title bar for 4K monitor is going to be opened as a new issue instead since it is unrelated to the colorization and do not know if it will be possible to do since can not test here.

An ubuntu 16 build is at:


2018-12-17 15:59

administrator   ~0000254

Some questions: can PP color the clips automatically?
Yes, it can. You can define it in the settings.

And, can PP color the different trim of the same file video with the same colour, automatically?
Usually it's always the same color, but you can change it for every single piece in the timeline, if you want.

 Maybe, can you only assign the color manually, in PP?
Every piece has the same color. It usually looks rather monotonous. As described above, you can set a different color for each clip. You can also set the same color for several clips. In PP it is not as colorful as in Cinelerra with the new function. To put it into words is not always easy, so I have added a video, maybe it explains better what I mean.


2018-12-17 15:33

reporter   ~0000253

Sam, can you answer to my questions (1.) 0000250, please? I haven't PP.


2018-12-17 14:46

administrator   ~0000251

To be honest, I don't understand your concerns. Yes, I want the videos from one folder to all have the same color. That is the purpose of my request. I use a lot of folders, so not all videos/audio in the timeline will have the same color. The color in the folder is also selected manually. If I have selected a color, then these videos will adopt that color and not before. In the default settings there are no colors preselected for the folders. In the timeline I can still overwrite the folder color, if a folder color is set at all. For my way of working it makes sense, if it would be feasible, if it doesn't make sense for you, then you don't have to use it. For you nothing changes at all by the integration of the feature. It even has an additional function. I can even identify the used videos better afterwards by setting a color for the folder. For example, if I set the color aggressively red, I'll see all videos/audio pieces from that folder in the timeline because they have a red color. If I delete this color again from the folder, I see the "Autocolor" colors again. Basically a very useful function.


2018-12-17 14:14

reporter   ~0000250

(1.) I don't use PP, since a long time, then I don't know. Sorry.
Some questions: can PP color the clips automatically? And, can PP color the different trim of the same file video with the same colour, automatically? Maybe, can you only assign the color manually, in PP? If so, then in Cin-GG may be a little bit "dangerous" because if a group of videos (in Folder user) have the same colour and them are on timeline, I can think that them came from a file video, the same file video. I hope I have explained my doubt well.

Sam's (2.): I agree with you, if possible.

@GG/Phyllis: really fantastic that feature. Thanks!


2018-12-17 13:20

administrator   ~0000247

Last edited: 2018-12-17 13:51

View 2 revisions

(1.) In PP I can go in a folder and select a color for these files. This color will also be displayed in the timeline.
This feature is not new. The feature is optional. With a new folder the color is not set. Only by setting the color will this color take effect.

Here is the order:
First the option "autocolor", then the color of the folder, and above it the individual color for the clip. This feature makes sense for me because it corresponds to my current workflow from the other NLEs, like PP. I use it to separate the individual scenes in colour in order to find my way around better.

@ all
(2.) What I would find helpful is that the first or last pixel column of the bar is a bit darker, so you can see the separation of the individual bars better. Currently, the bar is 100% in one color, which makes it harder to separate if the color is relatively the same. Thus you have a black dividing line also on the left or right side of the bar, if several videos are directly next to each other.

(3.) I have the problem that the bars are too low. On a 4K monitor I have to concentrate very hard to grab the bar. On my monitor the bar looks like a line and not like a bar. I don't know if it would be possible to adjust the height of the bar. If that would be too much effort, then you also have the option to hide the preview image and display only the background color.



2018-12-17 12:19

reporter   ~0000245

GG/Phyllis, you are Slightly Mad ( ) , too many features in such a short time!
Thanks, thanks, thanks! (also for the new built -Dec 16 2018-)

There are some questions about.
- The edits from Media, Proxy, and Clips, of the same parent file should have the same colour. Now if I toggle Proxy (no Proxy, yes Proxy), the Title's colours of the same edit changes (video only), and I see that Title's video is different from Title's audio, of the same edit.
- If we manually change the Title's colour of an edit (clip), also their child/parents (video, audio, Clip, in Media, in Proxy) should change to the same colour.

@Sam: "(2.) would it be possible to define color for the Smart folders..."
Mmh. I understand your suggestion but that could create confusion, I think. It is important that one file video with audio has only one colour. If we have a group of different files with the same colour that feature has no more sense, for me. Sorry if I think so.
The most important of that feature is that we can see the distribution of the same file video/audio by colours, on the timeline.


2018-12-17 00:46

manager   ~0000240

A couple of later changes were added and an Ubuntu 16 built in case IgorBeghetto who has been persistent in this feature wants to test early in the coming week.
The striped colors are gone - I did not like them on S.U.V and Neophyte - they were due to the title bar actually being one color at the top of the bar and slowly getting darker at the bottom.

Also, now that you can actually "select" stuff via the Ctrl-LMB, you can multiple select clips and change them all with "User Title" in the Edits popup.


2018-12-17 00:43

administrator   ~0000239

Last edited: 2018-12-17 13:38

View 2 revisions

First of all, many thanks for the successful new feature. I am excited about the feature "Autocolor assets", an ingenious solution.

I came up with three things while testing.

(1.) With the "Autocolor assets", the color black is often used, which makes the bars almost disappear, because the complete timeline is black. Black on black is difficult to distinguish. Can this color be avoided?

(2.) would it be possible to define color for the Smart folders. For example, I create a new folder in the Resources window. There I drag in some video or audio clips. Via the context menu I go in and modify for all these videos the color yellow, a folder specific color. All these pieces now have the color yellow. If I don't select a color for the folders, then the "Autocolor asset" takes over. If I change the color for a specific video in the folder, this color will be used for this video, but not for the rest of the videos in the folder.

(3.) can I hide the assets completely so that I can't see the thumbnails (timeline), but the color in the background? I didn't succeed. I can make sure that I only see the asset bar or asset bar with thumbnails, but never without thumbnail with only black or background.

I understood how point three works. It's done. I only have problems with the bar height.



2018-12-16 22:26

manager   ~0000237

Checked into GIT changable color titles. There is a short demo at:
which shows sort of how to use it. Basically turn on Autoset Colors in Settings->Preferences, Appearance tab
And you can turn that back off again. Use middle mouse button "color bar" to change a single or multiple selected clips.
The specially marked ones that you self-color will not go away or be changed automatically -- use default button on "color bar" choice. An algorithm is used to generate the colors automatically SO you will get a couple of striped colors in S.U.V, Neophyte, and Blond-CV themes.


2018-12-16 06:24

administrator   ~0000228

By timeline background I didn't mean the whole track. I meant the background of the inserted video, as Igor has shown it in his animated gif.


2018-12-14 10:16

manager   ~0000189

Good idea. +1
(and good for use with 0000007)

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