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0000057Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2018-12-12 22:20
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Summary0000057: Mark the thumbnail when the clip is used.
DescriptionThis feature doesn't hurry at all, I just wanted to keep my idea for the future so I wouldn't forget it.

What I miss in the Resource window is a colored marker of the clips used in the timeline, currently I don't see at first glance which ones are used. I can select them via the menu item "select used". I made a photomontage. I deliberately did not make the red color bar over the entire length, because otherwise this color is too dominant.
In the preview video I would hide this red color bar so that you can concentrate on the preview. It would be good if I had this feature in the tab "Clips" "Proxy" and "Media".

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2018-12-12 22:19

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2018-12-12 20:39

reporter   ~0000165

Sam: "Do you only use the pure text mode in the resource window or also with the thumbnails? "
Both. Sometimes, for me, the filename is more useful than the thumbnail (if the filenames "speak").

I agree with you again, Sam, to your 0000162 message. (And maybe, we should open a new ticket-feature),...
I had done a photomontage "Edits_drawsWithColours.gif", some times ago, to show what I meant on one of my first thread
The animated gif added, shows 5 screenshots: 1 and 2 are the originals by Cinelerra-Infinity and, from 3 to 5, are photomontages to show only the idea. Same colour means same video/audio file.
The colours are not saturated but soft and are not choosen by user (but by algorithm). I think in HSV mode with S and V fixed and H variable to have soft colour.
As you can see in the GIF, on timeline there are 11 edits. A few edits come from the same file:
- File A: 01, 06
- File B: 02, 04
- File C: 07, 09, 11
- File D: 08, 10
This feature could be useful when the height of tracks in the timeline is smaller, or when Assets are disabled, or the Title's name is too long to see it completely. More, I can understand my editing by colours.
(@GG/Phyllis: sorry for the insistence)

Edits_drawsWithColours.gif (290,268 bytes)


2018-12-12 13:19

administrator   ~0000162

While we're on the subject of colors.
Which would also be very useful to change the title bars in the timeline to a different color. I have added a photomontage to make it clear. Would certainly be a nice addition for the future.


2018-12-12 12:56

administrator   ~0000161

Do you only use the pure text mode in the resource window or also with the thumbnails?


2018-12-12 12:38

reporter   ~0000160

Good idea Sam. I would like it.
When I wrote on and reported here by Phyllis/GG, in MantisBT, on 0000001, I mean the same thing for the text mode but without submenu with RMB. That is, the simbol, color, special character, should always be shown without user actions.

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