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Request topics for video tutorials on Youtube channel

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Here you can ask for tutorials on certain topics. What are the difficult or unusual points of CinGG that you would like to see clarified? If possible they will be created and published on the Youtube Channel of CinGG. (Obviously if you want to propose your videos it's even better!)

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Hello Andrea,

I'm very interested in creating cinematic Titles.

Something like this:

I tried that on Davinci Resolve but my machine doesn't meet the system requirements of insane 16 GB RAM and 2 GB graphics, so Fusion always crashed.

It would be awesome to make anything like that or somehow similar in Cinelerra

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CinGG does not have the power of Fusion or After Effect to handle titles and animations. These are real compositing programs! But in CinGG we can invent manual workarounds to achieve similar results. See these videos, for example, especially the last one:

Also try experimenting with the Sketcher plugin; see:

EDIT: see also:


Thank you very much.

I already have had a look at the three tutorials of the Cin-GG Youtube channel which are already pretty cool ! Especially the third one with the cursor blinking.

I wanted just say that more development on titles could enhance the whole Cin-GG experience for me even more.

And it's absolutely fine with "manual workarounds".