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Registration mail and hotmail

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When you create an account, the activation mail wasn't received in my mail box (hotmail). I had to use an other mail provider to get it.

phylsmith2004 11/05/2024 7:15


I am sorry that your hotmail account would not work here.  I am just guessing but when I do a internet search there is some chatter about the amount of cloud storage available which changed how that was done starting February 1, 2023.

"This update may reduce how much cloud storage you have available to use with your OneDrive. If you reach your cloud storage quota, your ability to send and receive emails in will be disrupted."

Just a guess.  Maybe @andreapaz has some better feedback for the cause.


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I checked my microsoft storage, i only use 26% so it doesn't seemed to be that.

I had also checked my junk mail : nothing.


I had read that there is two level spam filter. One on user box and one on the "server" level that blocked with mail sender reputation and other parameters before they can go into the user "junk mail" box.


Most likely it is the same problem we experienced in February 2023 when Google prevented our mail to Gmail accounts from getting sent.  Instead it was calling them all Spam but not even putting them in the user's spam folder.   So basically something like what you quoted --  "server" level that blocked with mail sender reputation and other parameters before they can go into the user "junk mail" box -- except they never made it into junk mail either.


I hope you can use the other email address as I have no idea of how to fix this.


I am making a copy and paste of a response I got on the mailing list. There seem to be problems with registrations, you are not the first one who has had problems:

"Somewhen there was a problem with DMARC. But now there is not: I can see in
the headers: spf=pass dmarc=pass. Activation mail is sent from another
sender address: not, but However,
in the DNS TXT record for there is the same "v=spf1" text
as for Therefore, probably not this reason.

There was another problem with activation: the user "admin at"
whose name stands in the From: header of the activation mail cannot receive
emails and therefore cannot pass the so called "MX callback" used by some
mailservers for antispam. Workaround for the cin administrator: create the
user "admin at" who will receive emails, and then he will pass
MX callback. Workaround for the user: put "admin at" in the
whitelist so that the MX callback would not get executed for this address
(this was what I did somewhen for registration of mine).(

The third possible problem source: Spamhaus. Many mailservers in the world
use services for spam block lists. Recently I have discovered
that something has changed in the spamhaus' algorithms, although I don't
know what exactly."


Microsoft trusts into some really interesting business people's ideas.

They trust to so called Level 3 blacklists, which you can be whitelisted for Level 1 when you pay money.

Level 3 represents the whole location of the data centre.

So if you're in a data centre that has been blacklisted by this business man's business idea, and curiously Microsoft does trust in those techniques - then no matter what you do, you could configure your domain like an artisan - you won't be able to send Mail to Microsoft accounts.

This is called Microsofts poor handling with SPAM.