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A Blog post for a 'Good Guy'

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After visiting the forum today and reading the tragic news about Bill I felt compelled to write a Blog post about it.. I hope it is of some tiny comfort during this very difficult time..


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Thank you for the lovely heartfelt tribute to Bill.  Your continuing usage of Cinelerra is the best tribute of all, as he always wanted this NLE to be available for years to come.  Bill was inspired by your thorough explanation of needed features to add them when he could.  Maybe now there will be time for me to get the Manual actually updated to synch with the code.

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Thank you so much for your reply, we are all thinking of you at this unthinkably difficult time. Wishing you strength and comfort in the midst of this.


I wanted to say something here, but wasn't sure if it would be seen as a bit "tacky", so refrained. Having read this blog, may add my condolences.

I shall remember the Good Guy for a long time through using Cin, which he took from being a flaky, mostly didn't work properly project, to the best open source NLE for Linux. Thanks Bill. And thanks Phyllis for being the other half of a brilliant duo, I shall keep thinking of you too, as I am sure we all will.