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Books about video editing.

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I would like to make a list of good books on video editing and similar fields, such as CC or compositing, shooting, directing, etc..
I start to list the readings I liked relying on your experience to get to know others (maybe the world of audio that I don't know at all):

The best I've read is "Color Correction Handbook" by Alexis Van Hurkman. More than professional level, clear, complete and full of workflow step by step. To have absolutely.

For special effects and compositing:
"The art and science of digital compositing" by Ron Brinkmann: a clear theoretical introduction.
"Digital compositing for film and video by Steve Wright". Clear, complete and full of step-by-step workflows. Another must have!

For cameras and the cameraman's job:
"Digital cinematography" by David Stump. Complete and thorough. A bit boring for me.

I just bought Gael Chandler's "Cut by cut" on editing, but I haven't read it yet.

Let me also quote an Italian book on the job of the director of photography:
"Manuale di cinematografia professionale" by Stefano Rosso. As interesting and complete as it is pleasant to read.

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The technique of film and video editing is a great book. As for me, it's much easier to comprehend than contemporary tutorials.