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Using OpenGL video driver crashes but X11 works OK

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There is some problem somewhere between OpenGL, GL-ew, or elsewhere that causes certain previously created xml EDL files to crash with certain hardware/software conditions.  It is not reproducible on the developer's computer, therefore all that can be done is to workaround the issue until it can be analyzed and a solution found or the problem goes away as other software is upgraded.

If this happens to you, the current temporary workaround is to set an environment variable as in:   export CIN_FINISH=0   . You can read details in MantisBT #201.

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If you get this error and the workaround works, your help would be appreciated in providing feedback in the form of a SMALL xml along with SMALL source files that create the problem.  We have tried to generate the problem on Fedora 29 and Mint 18.2 but are unable to do so and the files illustrating the issue are way too large.  Even if a .dmp / SEGV can be generated when run as the root user and gdb installed on any system might help a little more too -- this will corroborate the dumps we already have.