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How to make an J or L cut


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It is very common when cutting to another scene to have the audio track cut over earlier (J-cut) or sometimes later (L-cut). Is there an easy way of doing this in Cin-gg?

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Hi Mat,

I've attached a video for you.
You have to shorten the first or second video a bit, otherwise it won't work. Then you block the audio tracks from changing. Then roll the cutting edge off the videos. Moving to the right creates a J-cut and moving to the left creates an L-cut.

Many thanks Sam, awesome!

I wonder if it is worth putting this in the Feature5 manual, it is quite common.

I will put this into the NEW preliminary manual as I merge in the original/cv manual along with Features5.  I am currently editing the Editing section !

@sam Just wanted to say: thank you! I am a new user and you just helped me a lot with L/J-cuts and editing!