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Is it possible to save an effects stack, preferably containing any effects presets that have been set?


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I just noticed that the Middle Mouse button also allows for:

   Ctrl - Shift - p : paste only the plugins into the timeline, at the Insertion point,
   keeping the original length (overwrite).

So maybe there is a way to take advantage of this using your "saved clip of effects" as suggested previously.

A short description of options (best in Drag and Drop mode):

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Probably I am misunderstanding, but I am not convinced that I don't know what you mean!

Although this is not a simple method of creating preset stacks of effect, from the 2 demos I made it seems to work for me.

Step 1: one time only and then save clips of your various camera stack of effects as shown in     using any video - for example from a project you already have set up with a certain stack of effects for that type of camera.  "Save as" this setup permanently after deleting the loaded video so that you have only the clips of stacked effects you created

Step 2: load your next project AND load the previously created xml file from Step 1 into the Resources window only.  Now, as shown in    go to the clips folder and drag the correct camera stack of effects to the timeline.  Get into Drag and Drop mode, select that stack of effects on the timeline and use "collect effects" (middle mouse button) to select those preset effects.  Then select your project video and "paste effects" there. 

Step 3: before saving your projects, delete the stack of effects you had dragged to the timeline so that it is not part of your project.





There is probably a clever way of doing this that Igor and Andrea know about.

However, I know you can "collect effects" and "paste effects" in a session by selecting an edit (most easily in Drag and Drop mode as opposed to Cut and Paste mode) and using the Middle Mouse button to choose the option, near the bottom, of "collect effects" and then move it somewhere else with "paste effects". I think these preserve the presets.

You can also make a "clip" that contains the effects.  I have experimented with just making a session and saving it with a set of effects that I have made into a clip and then loading that into only the Resources window of my "real" project and using Drag and Drop mode to move that set around to the desired edits.  Not yet sure if this preserves the presets.  I will continue to experiment but so far do not know how to get the desired results.  You might be able to figure it out yourself using these 2 ideas.

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Thanks Phyllis, but that's not what I'm looking for.

What I want to do if possible, is to have a set of effects which are always used with a particular camera and specific settings, e. g. to boost contrast resulting from a flattened (not necessarily log) curve and sharpen the image (camera sharpness reduced or off) which can be preset, along with others such as white balance and curves which need individual adjustment, save the stack somewhere and drop it on the timeline for each new project I start from that camera. To clarify, the workflow could be to open Cin and start a new project, import new clips (replace current project and concatenate tracks), then drop the effects stack on to the timeline and start colour correcting.

I have created and use presets where I can anyway and was hoping to find a setting somewhere that I have missed, to do this.



As far as I know in CinGG is not possible. A solution outside of CinGG might be to create a LUT. You make all the color adjustment in CinGG; render a single png image and with that you create the corresponding LUT that can be applied to other edits/projects as well.

Create a LUT from a png image (I don't know how reliable this is, LUTs bring many problems):

If you understand code you could use OpenColorIO to create a LUT for yourself:

This one I didn't quite understand what it is:

I saw a request from you in a forum about how to create a LUT, so I guess you don't need this advice from me, but I can't think of any alternative.

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Maybe I'm not explaining this very well. How it would work if it were possible is:

1. Do a colour correction on a project, adding X no. of effects to the timeline, setting up presets in some that are unlikely to need changing.

2. Save the effect stack, without any added keyframes of course

3. Start a new project, shot with the same camera and settings, at a later date

4. Add the effect stack previously saved to the timeline

5. Colour correct the new project

If it is not possible as you suspect, that's fine, but if there is a setting I missed somewhere that does this, I'd like to find and use it.


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Thanks Phyl, it's nice to know it can be done and I will give it a try, but it looks like far more hassle than adding effects separately as I currently do.


I think your workaround is very good, @phylsmith2004!
If you use the same group of effects with those Presets, in some Projects, it may save a lot of time.



So the answer to the original question is "no, there is no easy way to save a stack of effects".  Those users you routinely use "Drag and Drop editing mode" might find the workaround quite easy -- I have seen a demo where a user just whipped around in this mode so fast that nothing slowed him down!


In case other users have the same question, some additional information is included now. Igor did bring up a good point that I had forgotten about which is you can use the "preset edit" button after you drag an effect to the timeline to at least save different settings for a particular effect and reuse that easily.  The "preset edit" button is on the left of the "show controls" button.  So for example, you can save the Brightness/Contrast values for a Sony camera to be different from that of an LG camera,etc.


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Posted by: @phylsmith2004

So the answer to the original question is "no, there is no easy way to save a stack of effects".

As I suspected, but if you don't ask, you never find out! 😀 

Thankyou all for your help.