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Is there anyone who has had the opportunity to study the inclusion of "GL TRANSITIONS"?
Sorry for my poor English....

Web site:

Thanks in advance!!


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I think most Cinelerra users who read this forum use the "Video Transitions" included with the CinGG AppImage that is built in (and so may not have looked at  I brought up its website and it looks very good but I did not load or test the actual software.  It does seem to be quite robust and useful.

Cinelerra built in Video and a few Audio Transitions work well and do use the Graphics Library (GL) when enabled and able to do so.  There is a demo of the available Video Transitions currently available and others can be added by the user.  Demo is at:

There are currently about 70 Video Transitions built in and are listed at:

An older created video is a nice display of the transitions and can be downloaded as described in:

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Andrew_R provided the following information in our Archived Mailing List.

You can draw GL transitions and in various environments: