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How to load a saved project?

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How to properly load a saved project so that both resources and processed material are loaded on the timeline. The question arose due to different insertion strategies. Still wondering what EDL strategy is?

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Open the Cinelerra Load window, navigate to the folder where the project is saved and open the .xml file. As long as all the clips etc. are still there, if you choose "Replace current project and concatenate tracks" the project will appear in Cin exactly as you left it.

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Thank you for your answer, but the question about the EDL strategy remains. What does EDL, Nested and Reference mean?

andreapaz 15/04/2023 8:10


"EDL" is the default mode: project (which is an xml file) or source files are loaded.

File by Reference:

Nested assets:

If something is not clear to you, ask: these are special topics, out of normal use.