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Multi line Titles

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How do you/Can you create multiple lines in the Title Window?  It shows room for more than one line, but it only overwrites the first line if you hit "enter" for a second line.  Is that all there is to this program????  Missing Vegas more everyday since the switch to Linux.

Michi 14/01/2021 5:27


do not be sad. I too switched from Vegas Pro to Linux, even though they say there is nothing good there for video editing.
Since I found Cin GG, I think I can do all what I did with Vegas. And I've even discovered something great that Vegas can't do: Speed! When I work with keyframes, you can change the speed gradually, in the video and the audio: they stay in sync!

And there is still a lot to discover. Also, Cin is much more stable on me than Vegas Pro on Windows? I have virtually no crashes!

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Of course you can have multiple lines.  I can not imagine what is going wrong in your case.  I tested with both the Enter key on the keyboard and the Enter key on the key pad using gnome as the desktop and Fedora as the O/S.  Here is a demo:

Do check you settings in the Tile plugin as compared to mine.  Perhaps there is some weird setting or size causing a problem?

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phylsmith2004 11/12/2019 2:41

Also, if you have Drag enabled and you have the surrounding box too small for a second line, you will have to Drag the box area to make it bigger for space for another line.  (Although you indicated that it was writing over the first line so that may not be relevant).

Is it possible that your Enter key is programmed to NOT do a Return (carriage return)?  You can try to keyin the first line in the textbox and then use a down arrow to create a second line if all else fails.

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Found the problem just messing around with all the bells and whistles in the "Title Adjustments Screen".  I had the "pitch" set to 1 and that made all the lines "overwrite" the one's above/below each other.  With the "pitch" set a 0, all the lines showed up one below the other.  Glad that's fixed.  Now I just need to figure out the rest of the program.  Have no idea how to go about figuring out "key frames", but I usually don't need them anyway.

Thanks for the quick reply's to my question.

phylsmith2004 16/12/2019 5:05


Well, as long as you are "messing" around, be sure to right mouse click in the textbox field to see a whole lot more fun options!

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I found that you have to increase the "pitch" up to the 50's+ to see the lines separate.  They still did not look evenly spaced on the screen, so I don't know why you would use it.  It shouldn't even be called "pitch" as that is the number of "letters per inch" of a font.  Like 12 pitch, or 10 pitch; 12 letters or 10 letters per inch.  It should be called "line spacing" then people would know what it does.  There should also be an "arrow" next to the box to increase the values by (20, 40, 50, etc.) like the "font" box above it.  Go to 50-60, then increase/decrease by single units.

Still don't see what the "items" in right clicking do when I do it.  Will have to "mess around" some more. 😉

phylsmith2004 17/12/2019 5:55

OK, Pitch will be changed to "Line pitch" as a compromise.  As Andrea pointed out there are a lot of older terminologies used in Cinelerra.  "Pitch" can also generically mean "distance between 2 things" -- think drill bit pitch for example -- and in this case between 2 lines.  The variable name line_pitch in the code originated outside of Cinelerra in a library called "freetype2" which also has been around awhile so using line pitch is acceptable.  As an example, PC really represents a Printed Circuit board but has been re-appropriated to represent Personal Computer.


It is quite useful in the case where you have limited space and you want your lines to be closer together -- the "Line pitch" is based on the character "Size" so that is why it is located right under that in the Title menu.  That is why in your case, you had to vary the line pitch by 50 to see a good separation -- you must have had your Size set to around 50. The most beneficial use of line pitch is in the case where you have fonts that have large descending and ascending lines and because they are so large, these descenders / ascenders cause the lines to look kind of funny and too far apart.  You can see this in demo at:


You're right about "Pitch." Better change it to "line spacing". If you want to try opening a ticket in the bug tracker. GG and Phyllis are quick to answer and solve bugs. I think that communication with developers is a great strength of Cinelerra GG Infinity.

A good place to start discovering the particularities of the Title plugin is the manual: chapter 10, section 10.9, "Title":

Cinelerra was created by an eccentric personality, who prefers to do things manually instead of using automatisms. Good Guy continues down this path in Cinelerra-GG. That doesn't mean it's not a powerful program. Quite the contrary, if you go deeper into it you can do it all and in many different ways.


@the5thlaw (I actually wonder what this means? but then I still refer to computers as machines!)

Quote: "Still don't see what the "items" in right clicking do when I do it."

With the options you can change the color of the characters, the font in use, add underlines, make some characters bold, change the size of the characters, etc.  Here is a quick and dirty example of what they do.