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Reset project files path?

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Hi Cinelerrans,

I have a peculiar issue, I recently switched my system from being based on pure Debian Linux to being based on MX Linux.. during this switch the way that my external Hard Drives are mounted has changed... On pure Debian I had a custom script that mounted all drives directly in /media so a typical path to a Cinelerra project would be /media/DATA2/Video Projects/My Cin Project.xml however the way MX Linux mounts things is through a User folder in /media so this path is now /media/Username/DATA2/Video Projects/My Cin Project.xml so when I open my Cinelerra xml projects on the new system Cinelerra can't find the assets and I can't open the projects properly..

I suppose I could hand edit all the project xml files...gasp! But is there any other way to point Cin to a new project path on an existing project? If not I still have the old OS installed and can open the projects there but I would prefer to just have one system..

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This is a little better than hand editing the files but was not meant for "mass production" changes.  And I have not tested it in a long time, but under the "File" pulldown is "Export Project" with a menu whose usage is explained in:

4.4.2 Export Project – Save or Moving Project to another Computer

You would want to test this on a "practice" xml file first to make sure it works as you expect. Maybe someone else has a better suggestion.

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Hello Phyllis and thank for the quick reply, I appreciate it! I was wondering about that feature you mentioned but I have never tried it... In the meantime I made a more difficult 'easy fix' I adapted my drive mounting script to work with MX and turned off MX's method which restores the Path to what the projects expect, but they still aren't loading the timeline assets even though the media is now found properly so a little digging to do yet.. I am very interested in archiving some projects from another computer so i will definitely try the project export feature on those. Will let you know how that works..

Thanks again for the reply, best to you!



*EDIT I also copied over my .bcast folder from the other install and the projects I've tested seem to completely open OK now.


To addition to Phyllis' reply...
If it ca be useful, I use two different way.

1. For very small projects.
Using File>Export Project..., with "Copy" mode. It saves all your files in a folder. If the files were in different folders it will copy all of them in a folder.

2. For structured projects.
Usually I use to create a folder for any single project. In that folder I create subdirectories to organize media/files better. If a project use the same media file of another project I copy that media in its directory. This is good to archive any project alone with all its media files.









When I have to work on another computer, I create a backup of my project file; I open the XML project file with a Text Editor (Mousepad) and using Find&Replace I change the files path.
For example in my notebook the path is:
but in my PC_Desktop I have to change to:


@armando : I received a notification by you (armando) but I don't see anything.

@Sam : It is a forum issue?

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Sorry Igor. Yesterday I have had trouble in moving my cin proyects from one location to another. At last i figured out the error and deleted de post. Sorry, again.

IgorBeg 13/01/2021 9:33

Ooh, Okay @armando. No problem.