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What does the F_ prefix mean for many of the effects

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I see that Show Controls brings up a different settings box, between say Scale and F_scale. But I haven't found in the documentation a simple explanation on how the F_<effect> series is different to the discrete <effect>. 

Why the F_ naming convention?

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For F_plugins documentation, see:


In the CinGG manual, ffmpeg filters are discussed in depth here:


There are also some audio filters that are external to CinGG: "L_..." which are ladspa effects and "L_calf_..." which are the LV2 filters, which are very good and famous in audio.






The F_<effect> represents plugins that are part of the ffmpeg software as opposed to those built by Cinelerra.  I will check the documentation to try to clarify.

1) if you prefer not to see these, you can click on "Visibility" in the upper leftmost corner of the Resources window and uncheck the "ffmpeg" set.

2) With the use of F_ , it helps to point out that these come from ffmpeg and you can look up on the internet more detailed information on them if the "hints" provided need more clarification or sometimes there is an example with that additional documentation.

3) The discrete <effect>s can be your best option as tuned specifically to Cinelerra.  However, there are many F_<effect>s of a more varied nature and many of them.





I have updated the Manual in GIT (which will be visible to users on the next release) to add the following line:

Effects that begin with the characters F_ are effects that are part of the FFmpeg software as opposed to those coded within the CINELERRA-GG program. These are discussed separately in FFmpeg Audio and Video Plugins.

P.S. Recently I added a line to the Hardware Acceleration section to suggest that users should build on their own system in order to best take advantage of vaapi/vdpau usage.

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Understood. Thank you.  

A good naming convention. Yes I am already somewhat familiar with the FFmpeg filters.