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Mouse for CinGG

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I wanted to ask for advice on a good mouse to use in general and with CinGG in particular. My current one has problems with the middle button: the wheel works well, but using it as a button works once out of ten.
The requirements are:
1 - Separate centre key and wheel (does it exist?).
2 - Large mouse size (I have very big hands).

PS: Did anyone use mice with built-in trackballs? Do they work well?

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I use the Logitech G402 myself, but it's already an older model. There are also newer models like G502. I also have big hands and am quite happy with it.
That there is a separate middle mouse button is not known to me. Maybe someone else knows.
I don't get along with trackballs. I am much too slow with it, so I prefer a normal mouse. But that's probably personal taste.


Your mouse is longer than my (steelseries sensei) by one cm, and that's fine. I don't like science fiction aesthetics, but it's a secondary aspect.
Any other suggestions?
Has anyone ever used trackballs?


We use the wireless Logitech M185 which for the middle mouse button has a small wheel.  This works very well with cinelerra and everything else except we do not play games so do not know about that.  GG had gotten email from a TrackBall user (no mention of model number) but the setup he had only allowed for 2 buttons, not 3.


Thank you Phyllis (and Sam).

M185 too small for my big, very big, hands and then, I hadn't said, sorry, I prefer no wireless. Anyway, it's all for the sake of discussion. After years I decided to buy a probe (spyder 5 pro) to profile the monitor, the purchase of the mouse will be postponed.


I finally got the Logitech G402 suggested by Sam. Now I can finally use the middle mouse button.  🙂


Great Andrea 🙂

Now you should also be able to see the new context menu.


Hello Andrea - and anybody else 🙂

I may be a little late for this, but I thought it might still be of interest. I am using a Kensington Slimblade Trackball under Debian 9.

In my opinion everything works fine - under Linux and Cinelerra GG:

  • All 4 buttons are working
  • Windows scrolling by moving the trackball





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Hi, your comment is welcome.
I'm really curious about the trackballs.

Two questions:
1- Don't move the mouse, do you just act on the sphere?
2- Does it fit well to make fine adjustments with the plugin "Color 3 Way" color wheel? I mean, can you replace a surface control?

  1.  I do not move the mouse itself, I only use the sphere and the 4 buttons.
  2.  I am using this mouse for so many years now that I don't know anymore how it compares to a "regular" mouse.


All I can say is, that I am satisfied with it.

I have made a little video for you that shows me using the mouse with the plugin "Color 3 Way".


The link to the video is:

  • I am using the sphere to navigate the mouse pointer around.
  • I am using the bottom left mouse button with my right thumb (This should be the left mouse button on a "regular" mouse.) to click buttons etc..


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Thank you very much, Juergen.

It seems to me from your video that the trackball is slightly more accurate than the mouse. But it's hard to make a true comparison.


Oh, I forgot something: My mouse settings in Xfce might be important to know.

I uploaded a screenshot here:


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I had both years ago. a jog shuttle for the Edius video editing program and a trackball. Both works very well for the DV editing. The trackball had the advantage of being able to scroll through the timeline very quickly. He had a massive ball in the middle. Similar to the orbit. With the jog shuttle you could put functions on the keys so I was very fast with it. I would like to have a jog shuttle today. Should someone bring this Contour Jogwheel to run I would buy it immediately.


The issue of CONTOUR DESIGN ShuttlePRO V.2 and ShuttleXpress jog-wheels

has already been discussed: