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Problem with VHS-Videos

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I try digitizing with cinelerra GG VHS_Videos.
It has worked with the USB-Live2 and the VLC. But I want to do it directly at Cinelerra.
Is there a guide to which settings I have to choose so that I can play the videos from my video recorder directly into the Cinelerra?

With kind regards R. Lehmeier

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As far as I know, there is currently no guide on how to do this and GoodGuy has never tried this.  Maybe someone else has?

I will ask GG and see what he has to say but finding a VHS player will be difficult to do for testing purposes.



Thanks to Goodguy Cinelerra seems to support Hauppauge Win-TV cards and USB devices pretty well. I have not done VHS recordings myself but a couple of years ago I could record Satellite broadcasts into Cinelerra-5.1 with my Hauppauge USB TV adaptor, VHS should be no different. So the answer is theoretically yes but you need a Linux and Cinelerra supported capture device which I believe is currently limited to older Hauppauge products.


As AVLinux just stated, you need a capture card and now I just found a section in the current manual Chapter 10, that talks about the plugin "Live Video".  I do not understand it enough to be of any help.  The manual is at:

Meanwhile, GoodGuy will try hooking up a DVD player to verify how to do this when he has some extra time.


As usual I'm talking about things I don't know: I've seen that ffmpeg contains "kmsgrab" to import any signal from any external source. Can you make it work in CinGG, just like video4linux and webcam?
If GG considers it possible, I can open a ticket.


Now there is a guide at:

Hope it helps. 

Andrea: vhs.odt at the same location is the originating material and should fit into the chapter “Capturing and Recording Media + DVD/Bluray Creation” perhaps as the 2nd or 3rd section.