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[Gelöst] Histogramm broken at Render

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I like the Histogramm ("Color_Correction").

Unfortunately it is broken at the moment at Render.

Preview works fine but the rendered result is just crazy alien colours (pure blue - just totally destroyed).

Can anyone confirm that?

phylsmith2004 29/12/2022 3:30 pm


Not knowing much about Histogram, keep in mind that if the Render results are different than what you see on the screen, check Settings->Preferences, Playback A tab to see if you have the Video driver set to OpenGL.  If you do, the playback is done in Hardware using your personal graphics board.  Render is ALWAYS done only in the software.  Therefore what you see on the screen using graphics can look a lot different than what you see in Render.  Switch your video driver temporarily to X11 and no OpenGL to see what histogram really looks like.

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Let me explain how it works for me.

Effects keyframing only works on the effect you are using, they are independently set for each effect you have added.

Put a multi-clip movie segment on the timeline, hit the Ctrl and End keys simultaneously to get to the end and drag the effect(s) on to the timeline from the Resources window, then hit the Ctrl and Home keys to go to the beginning.

Enable keyframes (the horizontal key symbol over the timeline), make an adjustment to the effect and a keyframe will be generated automatically. Move the cursor until it becomes an arrow at the junction with the next clip and left click to put the playhead there, then backspace one frame to the end of the first clip (hit 4 or left click the frame reverse arrow above the timeline), adjust one parameter minutely and return it to its setting, one click on the mouse wheel rotation in each direction will do it, to set another keyframe which will hold the settings for the length of the clip. If you don't the settings will change as you adjust to set the next keyframe. Go forward to the first frame of the next clip, reset the effect to set another keyframe, make any necessary adjustments, then repeat as for the first clip and do that all the way down the segment. Do remember to disable keyframes afterwards or you might inadvertently change settings while fiddling!

Best bet by far is to Save As after each operation e.g. colour correction using (say) Histogram, Saturation and Unsharp, then there is a point to return to if the next operation goes belly up, or you want to make changes.

I prefer to put all the effects on the timeline and adjust them for each clip together, so I can see the overall result before moving on to the next clip. Effects are read from the top to the bottom of the stack and it is usually necessary to disable the effects lower down the stack while making adjustments. Using the example of Histogram, Saturation and Sharpen, disable Saturation and Sharpen while adjusting Histogram, or the Videoscope readings will be incorrect and so will the resulting settings, then enable Saturation and adjust that before moving to the next clip. I usually use Sharpen as a track effect, meaning I don't keyframe it for each clip, keeping it disabled until the rest is complete.

andreapaz 30/12/2022 9:13 am


OT: I like your explanation of the use of keyframes. I would like to put it in the manual as an example of real-world workflow. Would you care to detail your workflow more (and add images too, if you think there is a need)?

DeJay 30/12/2022 2:30 pm

I have edited the post and added a little more by way of explanation, I hope this will suffice.


No such problems here.

Just a thought, I know you said the preview looks OK, but has it been set to blue only in the top four buttons (Value, Red, Green, Blue)?


The settings are set correctly.

I'm using various instances of the Histogramm (for each clip) within one video track. The other clips are fine.

I will check again after moving this clip to a new video track.


I find that method too cumbersome. Why not try one instance of Histogram on the track and use keyframes to change adjustments for each clip, it will tidy up your timeline as well.

cincity Themenstarter 29/12/2022 8:30 am
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@dejay I must admit that I'm not able to do that.

I understand how to use keyframes for fades and x,y,z camera but not these others.

I tried to follow the manual but I still don't understand how to properly manage that and keep control with later edits and so on. It's "too much" for me at the moment to learn that.

So I'm using effects clip per clip. That's not good - I know. The timeline becomes clustered and the effects seem to interact somehow. But it's sufficient for my purposes.