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How can you change the letter spacing in the title?

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Cin GG is working better and better for me, which means I'm slowly getting to know it. But one question is still unresolved for me:

How can you change the letter spacing in the title? I mean, the space between the letters in a line.



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In the textbox where you key in the letters, right mouse click where you want the spacing to change.  You will see the word "fixed" as a choice so highlight that and you will see options to change the spacing and you can use any number besides the ones you see there.  To go back to the previous spacing, right mouse click where you want to do that and choose "/fixed".

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Michi Themenstarter 14/01/2021 8:13 pm


Yes, that works. I'll experiment with it some more, but it doesn't make the writing any better on my end because the spacing of the letters gets pretty irregular. I probably can't use this function. After all, the font of my titles are not the most important thing.
Phillis, thank you for the forum and especially for letting me use this great software. Thanks