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Move clips with all keyframes

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Hello @everyone

I have various keyframes at every single clip.

When I move clips around those keyframes do not move.

Is there a possibility to stick keyframes to a video clip?


edit: I have been able to manage it somehow. But it was just luck and the behaviour seemed unpredictible to me.

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Under the "Settings" pulldown, there is the option of "Keyframes follow edits".  Initially, by default, it is checked automatically on.

cincity Themenstarter 07/05/2024 3:17 pm


This is enabled in my case.

I often have problems that keyframes are changed by keyframes of previous clips.

Especially when I have lots of changes e.g. camera follwing. That needs really a lot of keyframe changes. This is really difficult. Meanwhile I switched over to use more tracks. But it stays difficult ^^