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Color Management in Cinelerra GG Infinity

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I would like to propose a guide on the CMS in CinGG, collecting information from Olaf and GG (and other resouces) and introducing insights and advice. Because of my shortcomings on this subject, I would like to have corrections, improvements and additions from users. The aim, if a sufficient quality and usefulness is achieved, would be to put it as an appendix to the manual.
I know that such a technical topic should be addressed to the mailing list instead of the forum, but my hope is to involve as many people as possible, maybe even random visitors who have knowledge of the subject.


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Good idea.  It probably deserves its own chapter rather than be relegated to the Appendix.  I have read text.txt but have very little comprehension of this material.  Hopefully, over time more hints will come in from others.

The big problem I see is that Cinelerra is lacking in Color Management as a whole component.  More capabilities are very much needed.  But for introductory usage and for less experienced users, it could be a good start and having a chapter that addresses it would really be helpful.  And it would be good incentive for the developers/programmers to improve Color Management in Cinelerra-GG to include Mantis Bug Tracker issues # 71/215/238 and another one that I can not find now that mentioned OpenColorIO