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Histogram problem

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I find that when trying to add Histogram to a project from the dropdown list (right click clip/attach effect/Histogram) it crashes Cin, even if there is a working instance already attached. Not so with Histogam Bezier. It can be attached successfully by dragging from Resources. I noticed it a couple of days ago, so it was like that in the May release too.

andreapaz 01/07/2019 4:11

I confirm the crash using Histogram (but I also had a crash dragging from Resources). With Histogram-Bezier everything is OK. I attach the two dumps.

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Olaf 01/07/2019 7:21

Sorry I had to answer so succinctly with an address before. But a crash is a crash and needs no further opinion. A third opinion is only necessary if the problem could be with the user, which can be excluded in a crash.


DeJay - thanks for reporting -- the earlier the better so even if you think someone already reported it, please let us know.  I could not reproduce the bug, sooooooo......

Andrea - thank you for the dump and confirming.  Without the dump, we would have to have just dismissed this.

The problem is OpenGL make_shader with Arch but it is very hard for us to create the error.  GG installed Arch with Nvidia on another partition, installed the June 30th build, and had to downgrade Nvidia to to get the error.  He is still looking at it because we can almost understand why DeJay sees the error but not why Andrea sees the error (I believe that Andrea keeps Arch updated all of the time plus he does his own Cin build instead of installing the build gg creates -- if this is incorrect, it would be helpful to know).


Ok, a fix has been checked into GIT.  Problem may potentially arise in a couple of other plugins when using OpenGL as the driver.  Workaround is to use the X11 video driver (since new builds were just created, it will be 30 days until this fix is propagated).  It is the OpenGL shader as mentioned earlier - fix make_shader segment count.

Andrea, if you get time, could you verify by rebuilding Cin and checking?

andreapaz 02/07/2019 7:23

I confirm that I update Arch every day, that I install CinGG only by compiling the source (GIT) and that I have the old Nvidia 390.xx drivers (legacy).
With the latest release (Tue, 2 Jul 2019 01:17:50 +0200 (17:17 -0600)) the bug is fixed and I have no more crashes. Thank you.


Try to search for an answer in official Histogram group. 

andreapaz 26/08/2019 8:42


Can you provide the link? I am interested.