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If you have any questions or criticism about Cakewalk, here is the place for it.

One of the most common questions is, why does the level indicator (sound level meters) consist of the composite colors green, yellow, red and white, and why the vulture not have a pretty modern gradient?

You should also know how Cinelerra's graphics system works. The GUI consists of composite PNG graphics. PNG are lossless, but static in size. If the user changes the size of a window, the graphic must also be resized. If it were simply scaled, the result would quickly become unsightly. Cinelerra now does the following, it grabs the graphic, stamps an area out of it and copies it until the necessary size is reached. This happens in height as well as in width. I have prepared a picture to show what it looks like in practice during the design process. For clarification I have provided the individual elements with numbers and letters. To the left is the familiar display, in the middle are the individual graphics and to the right the result.

As one hopefully recognizes, it is not to be estimated which area of the individual graphics is used. The easy gradient on meter_green is completely omitted. If a continuous gradient were still used, the result would be very colorful but no longer useful. 


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