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fonts blurry - how to get "exact" or sharp title

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when using titles are there any tipps how to get sharp fonts? it seems that my fonts don't scale properly, i want them supersharp as on tv.

any idea? or any font to test with? i tried with arial, trebuchet ms. but other fonts didn't look better in preview.


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It is pretty dependent on the font itself.  I assume you unchecked "smooth" as this does blending and will not make anything look sharper.  For me "DejaVu Sans (PfEd) looks quite sharp.  When looking at different fonts, be sure to change the Settings->Preferences, Playback A tab to X11 and not OpenGL because when doing a render it is done with the software and not using OpenGL. 


Maybe someone has a better idea for a better font.  In checking a few, I looked for a font that had edges with no blending.  For example the attached shows Arial monotype versus Lucida sans unicode (b&h) -- the second blown up xv is the Arial.  The Lucisa looks better/sharper to me.

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astrakid Début du sujet 05/04/2021 10:29

thanks for the hints.

i changed preferences to playback a -> x11 and used the recommended fonts, but it still doesn't look quite nice.

when comparing to libreoffice writer those fonts are really sharp - as far as i know those fonts are vector based. but in cinelerra they are shown pixelbased.

any further hints?

kind regards,




The problem seems to be Pixels just are not precise enough.  I am not sure if adding another option for Sub-Pixels in the Title plugin would help all that much or if it is even possible.  I know that in Masking subpixels helped the Feathering look better.

P.S. -- so as not to be misleading to other users, when not looking at fonts, it is best to turn OpenGL back on in the playback for speed.

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thanks anyway!

and happy easter to the whole cinelerra-gg-community!