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mouse configuration

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Hello everyone 🙂

is it possible to reverse the mouse wheel function for scroll and zoom?

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As far as I know, not from within Cinelerra.  However, in searching on the internet, it seems like you can from Ubuntu

1. Go to “System Setting -> Input Devices -> Mouse”.

2. Check the box “Reverse Scrolling Direction”.

3. Click Apply.

It might be possible for you to put this in a script to use when starting Cinelerra.

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DeJay 28/03/2021 7:07

It's almost exactly the same in Manjaro.

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Thank you for your replies!

I'm using LXDE which doesn't have this option.

I have to look if I can configure the mouse via shell.


edit: I tried this which works:

echo "pointer = 1 2 3 5 4 7 6 8 9 10 11 12" > ~/.Xmodmap && xmodmap .Xmodmap

But the restore fails. It keeps reversed. Only reboot helps.


I "think" the options are saved in a file in:


which should always be in effect after initial reboot.  Look for the word "Button".  But you have to be careful to not make a mistake in this file or things could stop working!