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Is there a way to lock a Keyframe to an effect?

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Hi, everyone...

Lets say I have an effect with some keyframes tweaked in it.  I need to move it to another location in the timeline, so  I can click and drag it, but the keyframes does'nt move, only the rectangle. And the keyframes are kept  at outside of the rectangle...

Any way to move an effect to another location without lossing all the keyframes already tweaked?

Any help or hint will be welcome. Thank you.



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Under the pulldown "Settings" is an option that must be checked on which is "Keyframes follow edits".  BUT if you just drag an effect by itself, that does not move the keyframes too.  The only way I found to move the effect and its keyframes was to get into Cut and Paste mode, left mouse button drag to highlight the area that contains the effect you want, use the Copy icon to copy that whole area and move to where you want it, and Paste.  Then cut out the parts you do not want.


There is probably a better answer out there.


In addition to what Phyllis said, see if any grouping/selection methods will help you:
and the next two sections.

One method that works well, but if you have a lot of edits it can get laborious, is to use nested clips:

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First of all, thank you so much. Because I have a track  that contains only the text effects and the images that "overlays" up my main timeline edit, I've "solved" the issue, by inserting silence (Shift + space bar)  and cutting silence in order to move (tweak) the effect to the required position. Got the idea from @phyllissmith answer. Thank you so much, Phyllis

I have a lot of clips (one hundred or so) in this 25 minutes video  and I want to finish it, before attempt to really find a better way to move keyframes along the effects and try the methods @andreapaz kindly have pointed to.  Many thanks.

By the way, perhaps it was not a good idea to begin my Cin work with this three camera project with separate an synced audio track and a lot o text effects, and video and images overlays. But now it's too late to cry 😉


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