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Back again to cinelerra

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Hello everybody.

approximately I used cinelerra 15 years ago for a while.

Inbetween I haven't done video editing most of the time. Then since two years I have been more active again, starting with flowblade and till yesterday Davinci Resolve.

Though DR is a great piece of software, especially the Fusion titles always crashed my machine. Also I don't want to follow the system requirements with 32 GB for Linux and so on.

I must say, the look and feel is great!

I feel excited to see whether there will come some cinematic titles as it is suggested on youtube.

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Welcome back -- if you have been gone for 15 years, you are going to see a big difference.  Have fun!

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I also tried DaVinci Resolve, but with an AMD video card it's constant trouble...

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Welcome back

Eggy Car

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I Love this video editing software It is way better than Adobe-and it will work so well. I hope that you will love it.