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0000151Cinelerra-GG[All Projects] Featurepublic2019-03-02 21:12
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Platformi7-3770k, 32GB(ram), GTX-750TiOSLinux Mint MateOS Version18.3
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Summary0000151: How to reopen the mixers displays once they are closed?
DescriptionFrom a three-camera shoot of a live show.

I created three video tracks (+ their sound) of mixer that I placed on the timeline. I started to synchronize these (non-continuous) images from the three cameras with the main sound track. I added several of the shots of these cameras to their respective tracks and synchronized them with drag and drop.

Stored then reopened, the images of the mixers reappeared... but unfortunately I made them disappear unfortunately by backing up too much with the "z" command and saved in this way.

I can't figure out how to make the displays of the three video mixer tracks of my timeline reappear. Opening the mixer screens only seems possible from the sources, which means new mixer tracks independent of the tracks already present on the timeline.

My synchronization work, well underway, is there on the timeline, but I can no longer work on it.

What to do about it?
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2019-03-02 21:12

reporter   ~0001077

Only for info (You always know):
Multi Viewer / Multi Camera / Mixer Viewer, works fine with or without Proxy, in the same manner. And you can toggle between two mode, if you needed.


2019-03-02 20:30

updater   ~0001076

No problem Phyllis, I am currently editing two multi-camera show projects and I will produce them one after the other.

The first project is based on old DV tapes, my computer is powerful enough that I don't need to use proxies. The second project will be in HD, so I may use proxies at that time. In any case, I would have the opportunity to test this mixer system and give you my observations.

It will also give me the opportunity to experiment with the Shuttle in real life and see if we can still improve its basic configurations.


2019-03-02 19:52

manager   ~0001075

Pierre: Glad you got your mixer viewers restored.

We have been discussing the "z" problem here and realize it needs a "commit" in order to get a "redo" so that the windows can be more easily restored. Originally the multi-camera mode was added by request of Frederic in October 2017 and at the time it was initially tested for fun and not as in-depth as probably needed. It usually takes serious usage to get any design flaws removed so now is a good time to bring up any issues for improvement. So we need someone who actually makes real use of the multi-camera mode to let us know what needs work.

For examples:
The reason Proxy code has been improved is because IgorB uses it and relays suggestions for changes.
The reason the ShuttlePro is working is because you use it and relay the problems to us.
The reason groups, cut/paste, dragging, etc. are in the code now is because Sam kept telling us to put it in and tested it.

We need this same kind of feedback. But for now, I will fix up the documentation to be clearer today.


2019-03-02 19:22

updater   ~0001074

Thank you Phyllis, thanks to your explanations I managed to restore the display of my mixers. I had some difficulty understanding the procedure, but I succeeded. I hadn't yet had to edit a multi-camera shoot and therefore try everything related to the new mixers and multi-screens options.

However, I find it very problematic that we can make the mixers' display screens and their associations with the tracks disappear, by a simple "z" command too much...

Command "z" does not make it possible to make the Viewer or compositor disappear and I find that this command "z" should not make it possible to make the mixer screens and their initial associations with the tracks disappear once they have been established from the sources.

Thanks for the link to your video, I had already seen it and it will be very useful to me when I explore the use of proxy with mixers.


2019-03-02 09:01

reporter   ~0001069

In add to that Phyllis said, if it may help you, look at the Demo
(Focus from time 2m15s)

Andrea_paz also added it in the Forum, in the "Learn-> Tutorial" section.


2019-03-02 05:02

manager   ~0001068

Here are some words but I am still working on this and will update tomorrow.

mixer_recovery.pdf (23,338 bytes)


2019-03-02 04:14

manager   ~0001067

Here is the video to recover your mixer window. If you make a mistake, you can just close a mixer window and do it over.
I will add some wording here in awhile.

What is not shown is the LMB (left mouse click) to highlight the mixer viewer window that is being worked on. And you can either individually click on the right facing arrow to get to the second line in the track's patchbay or Shift-click to turn all on at once.


2019-03-01 23:27

manager   ~0001065

I am working on a video capture. Last night when gg showed me, it worked but I am having trouble correctly reproducing too.
Stay tuned.


2019-03-01 21:36

updater   ~0001064

Unfortunately Phyllis, I don't understand the procedure at all.

Maybe it's because of the French terms in my Cinelerra-GG, I can't identify the terms you use.

What is patchbay and expander?

Maybe if you could make a video capture of the procedure, it would be easier to understand.


2019-03-01 04:35

manager   ~0001054

This is definitely a hazard but all is not lost. I must document this for future use.
Before doing the following, I would make a copy of my current XML project in case you make a mistake.

1) load the timeline restored from your saved project with the missing mixer viewers
2) use the Window pulldown and click on "Mixer Viewer"; now you will see an empty Mixer Viewer 1 window
3) now you have to associate the original track with mixer 0000001 using the patchbay for each track using the expander...
So expand all of your patchbays (shift-click on the top expander which expands all of the tracks). The expander is the right facing arrow on the right side of the patchbay window.

VERY IMPORTANT to now be sure to highlight the mixer window you opened in 0000002 (which bar will surround the insider of that)
4) Find the Mixer Viewer 0000001 in your patchbay and click on the lower right facing arrow which has a tooltip of Mixer. You will see that media show up in the empty Mixer Viewer of step # 2 above. And the right facing arrow now points up.

Repeat for each Mixer Viewer, that is:
   - Window pulldown, Mixer Viewer choice for Mixer 0000002
  - Highlight this new mixer window
   - Find mixer viewer 0000002 in patchbay, click on lower right facing arrow and association is complete.
   - Window pulldown, Mixer Viewer Choice for Mixer 0000003
  - highlight this new mixer window
  - Find mixer viewer 0000003 in patchbay, click on lower right facing arrow and association is complete.

Use Window pulldown choice "Tile Mixers" to get the mixer windows nicely lined up.

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