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Mixed Formats best practice

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in my project i have two different video formats, 720p200 and 1080p50.
the project is set to 1920p50.

what is the best way to handle those 720p videos? use projector for zooming in (upscaling with quality loss is ok for that project)?
or are there other maybe better ways?

kind regards,

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I would use the Camera or Projector zoom. There are some other possibilities. I think you probably wouldn't notice the difference at all, so I think the projector zoom is good enough. If someone has a different opinion on this subject, I would be interested to know why he prefers another method.

Here a very good video to this topic:





I also use camera and projector, but mostly camera. If the project dimensions are not given, it is always better to reduce the larger format.

Sam, the video doesn't stand up to scrutiny. We don't know how it was created, what quality the source material had and whether it was changed. A deterioration of the 4K material then enhances the other material. In addition the compression, which intervenes manipulatively. And so it happens that already my FullHD camcorder from the hobby class can easily keep up with the shown 4K quality.

It's a fact that when scaling to twice the size, the missing information (pixels) have to be conjured up. How good or bad this works depends on the software. Cinelerra does a damn good job in the relationship, but it can't do magic either. Therefore, if possible, always make it smaller.

(Disclosure: I use my name in the forum encoded in rot13 for the reasons mentioned.)