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I've found myself messing around with different proxy formats to try and figure out which one is A) Fast to encode and B) Performant while editing, and surprisingly just a Jpeg sequence seems to do really well, despite being rather large. The only problem is that my footage directory has way too many files in it now to manage, and I have to pull my actual footage out and delete the whole folder to clear the proxy. Is there a way to set the (preferably relative) directory of proxy files to something like "./CIV_PROXY/footage.proxy.whatever" instead of just dumping it into the main directory of the source file? Thanks!


EDIT: Looking at the jpgs file, it's just a list of filenames (as I assumed). I suppose it'd be trivial to write a script to move all the given frames to a folder and change the jpgs file, but I'd love an in-editor config for that.

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It sounds like a good idea to have a CIN_PROXY variable to solve this problem similar to the other environment variables as seen at:

However, what I do is at a terminal window in that directory is:

   rm -f *.proxy*.jpg

Of course, "rm" to delete files can be dangerous if you are not careful or if you make a lot of typos.  Or if you have real video files with the word proxy in them!  Or you can edit the file: {video name}.proxy#-{type}.jpgs which lists all of the jpg files and add an rm in front of each to delete them carefully that way.

But it would probably not be too hard to program in a CIN_PROXY variable if there is a programmer out there who would like to do this.

benrob0329 Themenstarter 22/07/2021 4:12 pm

I feel like an environment variable would be a bit obtuse for something that could wind up being project specific (if working collaboratively), but I suppose it depends on the use-case. Another approach would be to add an option to the JPEG Sequence exporter that places the frames in their own directory (which is probably the simpler option, to be honest).


Oh, yes, that would be much better.  I will write this up and add to the Bug Tracker / Feature Request.


This script works to move the JPEG Sequences into a "proxy" subdirectory. I have it added as a Thunar Custom Action, so it works for the time being.


cd "$1"
mkdir proxy
find . -maxdepth 1 -name '*.jpg' -type f -exec mv '{}' proxy/ \;
find . -maxdepth 1 -name '*.jpgs' -type f -exec sed -i 's/^\./.\/proxy/g' '{}' \;

exit 0
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Perhaps you can start from within CinGG; see:

I am not familiar with scripting. It would be nice to be able to distinguish various proxy folders for various projects. For example:

project1: proxy1
project2: proxy2

So recognize that you are inside Project1 and create the Proxy1 folder; if you open Project2 then you will create the Proxy2 folder, etc (without deleting Proxy1). Do you think it's possible to include it in your script?