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Is this the right place for that? If not, just delete it.

As a (LaTeX) user, I am naturally curious and downloaded the sources. Now the requires the installation of "texlive-full":

LANG=en agi texlive-full
0 upgraded, 109 newly installed, 0 to remove and 13 not upgraded.                         
Need to get 1787 MB/1798 MB of archives.
After this operation, 2965 MB of additional disk space will be used.                      
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] n

Maybe you still see a way to get rid of this hard drive filling process and omit some unneeded packages?

I also noticed that the lines in the TeX documents are all written without wrapping*. When using Git and Diff, however, hard line breaks could be useful, short lines limited to less than 80 characters simplify the clarity.


*) Supplement: wrapping refers to the usual line break. Just as the younger ones of us know it from their e-mail program.

andreapaz 01/07/2019 4:10

Hi, Olaf.
I wrote a new post on the mailing list to answer you:

28 Réponses



Checked into GIT, 16 .tex file changes + 8 re-created images. In a few of the .tex files, I merged changes from 2 sources.  The only problem I had was the listings.diff had hunk #1 and hunk #10 rejects which I fixed manually for Installation.tex for only necessary changes (like style=sh).

Hunk 1 was reworded differently than quoted "Git has more than 130 commands which cannot be dealt with here. Git is Open Souce and well documented" and I could not tell from the listings.diff where it belonged.

Hunk 10 ""@@ -784,210 +960,274 @@ pacman -S cin"... was a lot of lines that were reformatted so I did not put those in.  Please resubmit if you would like them reformatted.


Please be sure to continue to do a "pull" before making more changes.

Olaf Début du sujet 16/03/2020 5:34

@phyllissmith, I know what you mean. Back then, I had always urged people to work properly, but young people do what they want anyway.


More checkins for the Manual from Olaf and Andrea.  The replacement images from Andrea are so colorful with them being in the Cakewalk theme, and as png's instead of jpeg's and more interesing scenery --for example, look at align edits figure 5.9 (the revision is on the website under documentation for the Manual).


Hopefully, I did not make any mistakes but there was a little bit of merging for Installation, Loadandsave, and Editing files. Plus some of my own corrections and \ldots inside of \begin{lstlisting} had to be ... instead.

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PhyllisSmith 17/03/2020 5:59


Happy St. Patricks Day!  Picked up your diff file and will be testing late today.  (Sounds like zombies where you are at.)


PhyllisSmith 18/03/2020 4:36


Checked in Editing.tex changes.  Also a couple of changes I made myself so as usual, do a "git pull" before making new changes.  Besides the FIXME change I did, hunk #8 gave me an error so I did it manually and that is now the new source.  I will fix some more FIXME tomorrow.


I added the 18 new ShapeWipes to Transition.tex.  But do you think now that there are so many, a tabular listing would be better?  And an image of a unique one like "star" would be nice too.


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Pull request: Installation.tex README.pkgs

I downloaded the file README.pkgs, reformatted it and included it as a whole.


PhyllisSmith 18/03/2020 11:53


The rework of methodology for README,pks  is so much better (for me to keep in updated in only one place, so thanks). It has been checked into GIT.


Checked in your new and improved 17 png file images and 4 .tex file changes. The Transitions.tex for shape wipes is much easier to read now with your changes (so thanks).  Also, added 12 more 16x9 aspect shape wipes that Rafa Mar just sent today.


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@andreapaz, Your montages are getting better and better. I like that. (I hope that doesn't sound condescending? I know how much work it takes.) Please have a look at the following graphics again if you have time.

editing-img001.png looks blurred and has a pixelated font
patchbay01.png cut off excess pixels on the right
raw.png has a green background, is that what you want?
back-ren.png cut off excess pixels on top

andreapaz 19/03/2020 3:02

I put the white background in raw.png. What I can't do is editing-img001.png. Either Phyllis redo the image at higher resolution or Olaf can do it. I can't get to the "1" button, cause crash. I tried to mount the "1" button on a new image but the result is bad.

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Enclosed you find page 3, the imprint, which I put up for discussion.



Have a good look. I'd leave Phyllis alone as the author. Otherwise I'd take Andrea Paz out and add MatN and Olaf.

PhyllisSmith 20/03/2020 3:23



With Andrea's suggestion, maybe just leave Authors out altogether -- too many people contributed and I don't need my name there either.

Also, I checked into GIT the fixes for the FIXME -s with the exception of the one in Installation.tex that reads: "% FIXME No novels in the listings." and "% Make and log build ("    which I do not understand what is meant.  If one of my fixes is not OK, just let me know or add another FIXME later.  A "thanks" in one of the .tex files was removed also.




Olaf Début du sujet 20/03/2020 12:27

I will come back to this later if necessary. My main concern is to take the expression of thanks to Hans and Franz out of the titles (of the sections) and place them somewhere else so that they do not appear in the table of contents.



about title.tex.diff

It is probably a good idea to include some of this information on a new page with, of course, filling in missing undecided stuff and some english fixes.  I am OK with reporting errors to any of our methods - forum/bug tracker or even to my email (I do not plan on catching and then dying from Covid-19).  Also, need the size of characters fixed as they are now too small.

Need to see what Andrea thinks though. And I think the contributing authors should be alphabetically ordered and maybe add "unnamed others".

Olaf Début du sujet 20/03/2020 12:31

Today is not my day, but so that no boredom arises there is a handicraft solution at this place. I hope I have understood the remarks correctly and implemented them accordingly. Enclosed the TeX-file and page 3 as PDF preview.

PhyllisSmith 20/03/2020 2:33

Now I think it is very good.  Late tonight I will check it in and hopefully will have editing-img001.png fixed by then too (unfortunately, that and the raw.png I made were not the good quality that Andrea creates).


My name need not be in there as author, I'm fine with Phyllis

Olaf Début du sujet 20/03/2020 6:56

@matn @all

We have solved the issue of authorship in such a way that all participants are now united under the abbreviation "The Cinelerra-GG Community". Excluded from this are contributions that have to be named for licensing reasons and the main author, who has been working on the manual for several years, honour to whom honour is due. This applies, as mentioned, to this page 3 (see the PDF above), which covers the legal aspect. If you want to be explicitly named as author, please contact us. These authors can be named as contributing authors, if everyone agrees. In the manual itself, occasional credits are inserted as footnotes at the appropriate place. Suggestions for improvement are gratefully acknowledged.


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I had reset the document format to the standard dimensions of the document class, because the calculation of the type area is a delicate matter that requires extensive professional knowledge. Secondly, the type area is controlled by the document class and not by an external package.
Now another colleague asks* if it would not be better to set all margins to 2 cm. I now ask back: why?

* "Could be better all margins set to 20mm?"


Olaf, can you find a grid that doesn't leave the big white "hole" when scrolling the manual vertically on the monitor? In short, a layout suitable for reading on screen, more than for printing.

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Try the following (put it in settings.tex somewhere at the beginning)

% Set up the page layout
% memman.pdf capter 2: Laying out the page (READ IT!)
% example: memsty.sty

If that is not enough because the margins don't fit your reading habits they can be cut off. With geometry YOU (!) get full control over the page. Use the following example instead of settypeblocksize:



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Folks, please keep the ball low until the document is ready.

This PDF is the superior showcase manual, a business card, if you will put it that way. With current PDF readers it is no problem to enlarge or reduce the pages as you like and much more. So the font size and the selected margins should not be a problem.

The document is already much looser designed and therefore easier to capture than comparable documents in the field. Nevertheless, the lines are already very long and thus more difficult to read. But a compromise had to be found so that the graphics and tables would not get lost. The lower area, which is called a hole here, is used to hold footnotes. There is no point in creating a document if it will not be read afterwards. It is not a common (lash up) office document and that is how it should stay.

If you want to print the current document, you should not use a printer driver to reduce it to A5. It is not designed for this, even if the font is 2 points larger. The sources are available to everyone, adapt them to your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

When the document is finished, other formats can be created from the source, be it HTML, man pages or e-books.

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Package listings: c&p (PDF -> Clipboard). This parameter also destroys the desired formatting. The description can be found on page 21: 2.10 Fixed and flexible columns. An unsatisfactory solution.

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