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Problem with real-time multi-cam editing

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When multi-cam editing (like
Q1: Is it possible to set the timeline to play nonstop without being affected by double-clicking the mixer viewer?
Q2: Is there any shortcut (hotkey, eg: press 1 2 3...) equivalent to double-clicking the mixer viewer?
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1 - "can you set the timeline to play nonstop" - I do not think so, but there may be some trick that I do not know about.

2 - "shortcut instead of double-clicking" - I do not think so, and I am not sure what could possibly be "shorter" then a simple double click?

Perhaps someone else has discovered something I have not thought of or forgot




I don't think it can be done either. CinGG's multicam is set up rigidly and is not easy to change. There is a discussion about it on the mailing list: