Features & Plugins for:

  • Color Correction
  • Motion Tracking
  • Video Stabilisation
  • Audio Mastering
  • and much more


over 400 decoders

over 150 encoders

Codec support:

Extensive codec support includes all of those supported by a relatively up to date version of FFmpeg such as mp4, pro, m2ts, dvd, qt, f4v, flv, mp3, ac3, mkv, webm, xvid, bmp, mpeg, pam, pbm, pcx, pgm, pgmyuv, png, ppm, sgi, tiff, AVI, FLAC, Video FLASH, GIF, Quicktime DV/H264/H264 NTSC/H264 1080P Video, WMV, Real Media, MXF, OGG, WAV, MP4 H264, JPEG, youtube, and many more. In addition, any formats supported by FFmpeg can be user-added on individual systems as documented. Through ffmpeg, over 400 decoders and over 150 encoders are available, and a similar number of file muxer formats are also provided. Hundreds of plugins create interfaces to the extensive ffmpeg filters.

8K Support

Cinelerra-GG can process video media up to a resolution of 8K, i.e. a maximum resolution of up to 7680 x 4320 pixels. It provides full Ultra HD support.

LV2 Support

Cinelerra-GG is one of the few video editing programs that supports the LV2 audio plugin interface. Through this interface many audio plugins can be integrated like Calf Studio Gear, which significantly improves the audio mastering capabilities.

Multi Camera Support

Multi camera shots are no rarity, but rather the norm. With the Multi Camera feature Cinelerra-GG supports video editing with any number of cameras. This feature facilitates the work for the editor enormously.

Video audio sync feature

When working with multi-camera shots, the difficulty is to synchronize them in the timeline. You can easily synchronize multi-camera recordings using the video-audio or timecode synchronization feature. Cinelerra is one of the first open source video editing programs that integrated this feature.

ShuttlePro & ShuttleXpress

The ShuttlePRO v2 and ShuttleXpress jog wheels have been incorporated into Cinelerra-GG for easy usage. This allows Cinelerra to be used more intuitively for faster working. For more detailed information, please take a look at the documentation.

Hardware acceleration

Modern and powerful graphics cards are optimized for decoding and encoding videos. Cinelerra takes advantage of the hardware acceleration capabilities of graphics cards such as Nvidia and AMD graphics cards and some more, thus enabling better decoding and encoding performance. This increase in performance is also reflected in a smoother working behaviour of Cinelerra.

Render farm

Cinelerra-GG is one of the few video editing programs that allows background rendering over a network with several connected computers. Rendering is memory and CPU intensive and this feature can significantly speed up rendering by distributing the rendering task across multiple computers.

YouTube Rendering Presets

Many content creators produce directly for own YouTube channel, and to help them do this we have included the right YouTube presets in the render window, so you don’t have to worry about the technical details of the video.

10-bit Color Space

Cinelerra-GG Infinity supports the 10-bit color space. An 8-bit color space can display a maximum of 16,777,216 colors. The 10-bit version has over a billion colors. This significantly larger color space allows for a very realistic representation of the images with deep colors.

Motion Graphics

The Sketcher plugin can be used to create elements such as ellipses, rectangles and shapes for simpler motion graphics. This will make your videos more lively and more interesting.

Advanced Trim Features

The advanced trim feature lets you trim your footage to the right length. You can move, shorten, lengthen, and roll the cutting edge between two clips. In the Compositor, you can see both clips side by side to determine the best position.

Live Preview

A quick viewing of all media whether video or audio is possible at any time in the resource window through the live preview feature. Touching the media file with the mouse pointer starts a 5 second preview directly in the resource window, without having to load the file in the viewer. This allows you to quickly browse large amounts of media to find the right piece.

Multi screen

Cinelerra is designed to meet the needs of ambitious users and professionals, and such users like to use multiple monitors. In order to fulfill this feature request, Cinelerra has been released from the beginning with several individual windows that can be placed over several monitors. For a complete preview, please click here.

Keyframe Support

One of Cinelerra’s greatest strengths is the support of keyframes. This allows you to make any changes to the effects at any point in your project. This capability of Cinelerra multiplies the possibilities of post-production significantly.

Nested Clips Support

Nested clips allow you to use an entire sequence as a clip. Nesting opens up new possibilities for simplifying complexity. It helps to save time by simplifying the extensive work on a clip.

Proxy Support

With the Proxy feature, Cinelerra-GG can also handle large 4K or even 8K video files in the timeline without jerking. Even older and weaker computers can be used for video editing without any problems. Thanks to the Webm format, the video media can be reduced up to a factor of 5 to 10, which makes editing the video in the timeline much easier.

HiDPI 4K Monitor Support

Scaling preference for each monitor size and HiDPI to support 4K monitors This allows the Cinelerra user interface to be scaled to any size, so that the control elements can be adapted to your liking.

Smart Folders

Smart folders allow quick presorting of media. You can filter the media for example by specific patterns, date, file size, time, track type, width, height, frame rate, sample rate, channels and length. These filter options can be combined in any way, saving you a lot of manual sorting work.


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Build scripts and unbundled build scripts provided for users to build their own from the Git repository. Here you can find the Download page and the documentation.


International language support; po files need expert tranalations yet; German is in great shape. Audio/Video drivers configurable; for example Alsa for audio; X11 and OpenGL for Video. Tunable parameters for playback, recording, performance, rendering, appearance, project formats, SMP CPU count, and mouse operation preferences. Various loading file strategies, backup loads and saves, exporting projects, perpetual sessions. Cinelerra builds Edit Decision Lists (EDLs) so that the original media is never modified.


  • Program window for video and audio tracks, navigation, popups, playing and seeking functions. Editing via track manipulation with either drag and drop editing or cut and paste editing. Patchbay tools: fader, gang, arm, enable output, expanders, mixers, and blending operations. Undo and Redo capability for many editing functions. Proxy editing support to speed up editing for large formatted files or slower computers.
  • Compositor window with masking, zooming, cropping, projector and camera capabilities.
  • Viewing window for quickly viewing/playing audio, video, clips, or proxies. Numerous viewer windows can be brought up simultaneously.
  • Resources window with Media, Proxy, Clips, Video and Audio Effects/Transitions. Also capability to add user defined bins/folders for a project. Expandable Video and Audio effects for grouping selections such as Color Correction or Motion plugins or Filters and Equalizers for LV2 Calf plugins. Included are over 400 Plugins – audio and video native, FFmpeg, ladspa, expandable to include user’s ladspa or LV2 plugins via an environment variable. Title plugin does not limit the script size that can be used, and has many nice features. Mouse over Media or Proxy folders allows you to get a 5 second real time preview of the media.


Single or multiple files rendering; background rendering, batch rendering, command line rendering, and use of a Render Farm to take advantage of multiple computer CPUs. Many pre-defined output formats automatically available and capability for user-defined formats.

Other notable features:

Multiple Cameras / Mixer Viewer capability of about 50 or limited by your computer resources. Capture and Recording capability. Inter and Intra session drag-edit capabilities. Dynamic Keyframe support with curve, toggle, automatic, compositor, and editing capabilities. Multi-screen; multi-view window support; multi-pane support. Proxy editing with scalar (for FFmpeg only) or without scaling; includes a quick switch to change back. Crash dump capture with analysis to be done by a developer with trap analyzer log files. Menu bar shell commands with reference to some manuals and user-definable additions. Broadcast TV recording, editing, and viewing has had major work done to broaden the capabilities. DVD/bluray creation, editing, and copying for non-commercial media greatly enhanced for usability. Raw Image Format of some digital cameras with probe order setup. OpenCV hookup with implementations of MoveObj, FlowObj, GaborObj, StylizeObj, and PuzzleObj. Hundreds of Shortcuts are defined which are easily viewed using the shell commands pulldown. PorterDuff operations are available in the patchbay of the main timeline window for alpha blending. 

More to come:

Additional features will be added from contributions, desirability of implementation, and time constraints based on suggestions, needs, and good ideas.