Please help us to translate the website into several languages

People will have the most benefit if they can read and use the website in their own language. It will help them find the most important information quickly. We rely on your help to help us translate the website if you understand English reasonably well and masters your own language well. You don’t have to be a language genius, as long as you can write reasonably well, you can already participate.

You can do the following:

  1. Please subscribe to our mailing list. Send us a message that you want to help us to translate the website.
  2. We will invite you by email. You will then receive the necessary links.
  3. Instructions on how to use our tool can be found here in the video below.
  4. After the work is done, a second translator will check if the text is correct.
  5. If the translation is good, we will release it and everyone can use the new translations.

Don’t be afraid to ask us, we will be happy to help you if you have any questions. Here you can communicate with the developers directly via the mailing list, with other users you can exchange information via the forum and for exchange with other translators you can use the Issue Tracker. Here you will find an overview of all topics you can contribute to.

Instruction video

Useful links

Here you will find some useful links that can help you with the translation of this website.


The best machine translator we know. It works with artificial intelligence. Please click here to go to the website.


Our contributors for the translation of the website

We are very grateful for the active support of the volunteers who helped with the translation of the website into different languages.

Italian translation:

Andrea Paz & WPFilmmaker

French translation:

Olivier Humbert
his project LibraZik

Spanish translation:

Sergio Daniel Gomez
sergiogomez [@] tostado [dot] com [dot] ar