Cinelerra-gg manual in latex  



Is this the right place for that? If not, just delete it.

As a (LaTeX) user, I am naturally curious and downloaded the sources. Now the requires the installation of "texlive-full":

LANG=en agi texlive-full
0 upgraded, 109 newly installed, 0 to remove and 13 not upgraded.                         
Need to get 1787 MB/1798 MB of archives.
After this operation, 2965 MB of additional disk space will be used.                      
Do you want to continue? [Y/n] n

Maybe you still see a way to get rid of this hard drive filling process and omit some unneeded packages?

I also noticed that the lines in the TeX documents are all written without wrapping*. When using Git and Diff, however, hard line breaks could be useful, short lines limited to less than 80 characters simplify the clarity.


*) Supplement: wrapping refers to the usual line break. Just as the younger ones of us know it from their e-mail program.

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Hi, Olaf.
I wrote a new post on the mailing list to answer you:

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We have had this topic in the MantisBT and on the mailing list. Here are the links:

Finally, the discussion was increasingly on the mailing list.

If you agree, I'll leave this post in here so that other users can also find the hint if they are looking for this topic in the forum.

Yeah, sure, otherwise I wouldn't have done it. In my opinion the separation into three parts and more (forum, bug tracker, mailing list) is too much. The posts in the forum and the bugtracker are visible for interested people and users. After that the activity is measured by those not involved in the development. The mailing list may be interesting for the developers for questions, but it also draws important discussions for the general public into a kind of black hole, despite the search function via mail-archive, another site... What is cleared up on the mailing list has to be repeated in the forum if in doubt, if someone has the time to ask questions - or to reply again (and for others to trump their answers here is a kind of plagiarism, you don't usually do that). And also the password management for the three places, which are managed separately, should not be underestimated. But that is only my opinion, do what you think is right. 😉


I have to agree with you. With the mailing list I am also not particularly happy, it is from a time where still Internet dinosaurs lived. It is indeed to be considered whether we shift this information channel medium-term into the forum. I will start a discussion and a poll. I would prefer to have only two information channels in the long run.


If you're looking for a modern, relaxed template: e.g.:


“At the beginning of a document you are often unsure which settings to choose. With some settings, such as the selection of the paper size, they may already be fixed in advance. But even the question of the page layout may be difficult to answer in advance. On the other hand, this information should also be irrelevant for the author's main activities - drafting the structure, writing the text, compiling illustrations, tables and directories. As an author, concentrate first on the content. Once that is in place, you can take care of the subtleties of the form.” (koma-script/scrguide)

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A note on the illustrations. The selected size of the titlebar from the Windowmanger together with the font size should be imo not significantly larger than the icon size and font size of CGG selected. Otherwise you might get the impression that something is wrong with CGG. (Which is obviously true, what the chosen proportions reveal.) This also includes the frame thickness. Since the frame depends on the window manager and does not belong to CGG, I recommend to switch it off for screenshots or at least to reduce it to a minimum.


Have you changed the git url? The last entry is from 2019-07-18. Or is there still vacation (hopefully)?


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