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Howto reduce 50 / 60 Hz pulsing from lights

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Does Cin have a plugin to reduce 50 / 60 Hz pulsation which occurs from unnatural lighting?

I created a 1000 fps Slomo and this pulsation is a problem.

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Could you upload a sample file, please? If you want to

And write here the MediaInfo's output of the source file? Thanks.


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Please look here ->

What is the "MediaInfo's output of the source file"?


The lighting is halogen @ 50Hz surge.

This is why I set the recorder to 25fps PAL (1000fps->25fps)

But still there occurs this pulsation in brightness which is very ugly. The resolution at this frame rate is ugly too but this is another story of course.

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One attempt might be to produce video at 50 fps instead of 25 fps (1000 --> 50 fps).

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Interesting! I wasn't aware this could make a change. Unfortunately the HFR mode of the recorder only is able to bring it down to 25 fps.

25 or 30 FPS are the only setting for HFR.

Would it make sense to change that at POST in Cin or anwhere else like ffmpeg?

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You can try making the change in CinGG: Settings --> Format... --> Frame Rate

I am curious about the result, but I don't think it will work (sampling has already been


MediaInfo is a program to know the data (format, code, frame rate,...) about a video file; or, if you want, you can use the "ffprobe" command by Command Line:

ffprobe -hide_banner -i yourFileName.mp4

Thanks for the link to the video. I saw your video and downloaded it from there. Using your video I did a test: this is the render by Cinelerra-GG. Tell me if it is good enough, please.

Test video on

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Thank you very much for your efforts.



Your edit can equalize the brightness very well. But the frame shift doesn*t look good. It looks not natural. I can't imagine this can be done via frame shift.


I just hoped there could be an existing plugin which could be something like an adjustable frequency curve on which effects can be applied to.


I understand you, @cincity. I am sorry.

The last chance (way), I think, is to use keyframes on Brightness or Histogram_bezier plugins. You could make it for a section of the video and then paste and copy the keyframes for all the video. Only an idea.

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Yet I have used keyframes for the "given" properties e.g. fade, volume, projector and camera only.

Though it is in the documentation I haven't understood how to use them for plugins. Maybe I should try again.



You can use keyframes for Plugins like you use Fade, Projector & Camera. If you have a few of time, take a look at the "Title Animation 1" tutorial:

In that tutorial you can see that keyframes for the "Crop & Position" plugin are used to create text movement. You can do the same thing for all plugins, in your case the Brightness or/and HistogramBezier plugins. But, I think, that the result will not be satisfactory for your goal.