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How do you set the title duration manually (e.g. 5 seconds) vs using the mouse?

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Hi All -- first off, thank you to all of you that work on this product - it is great!  My question -- is there anyway to use the keyboard, or manually enter duration settings for the 'Title' video effect?  I have only found a way to set the duration by using the mouse to drag the beginning and end points, and it would be easier if you could manually set the duration.  Thanks in advance.

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Arm the track you want to have this done on.  On the timebar at the top of the main window you need to make sure the units are in time, hours, minutes, seconds (or whatever).

Put the insertion pointer where you want the selection to begin.

On the 2nd line from the bottom of the main window, there are 3 textboxes.  The first box is Start Selection, the second box is Duration, and the 3rd is End Selection.  You can set these fields by entering text and pressing Carriage Return (Enter).  Set Duration to 5 seconds or what you want the duration to be.

Now drop the Title plugin on the track selection.

Using Drag and Drop Edit mode, you can easily move the Plugin without changing the duration.

caniactim Topic starter 18/10/2019 6:43 pm


Thank you for your quick response!  That worked perfectly - much appreciated!