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I have a problem with the LOG window opening unexpectedly. The solution is to stop closing it and minimize it for peace of mind, but is there a way to deactivate it?


On the other hand, I put a screen copy of what appears in the window, but I don't know how to interpret it and how to fix it. Maybe you can help me solve this problem, which doesn't seem to affect the smooth running of the software.


Thank you very much in advance 🙂

Kind regards

phylsmith2004 20/02/2024 1:43 am
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My previous suggestion did NOT work so I deleted it.  I will experiment some more and maybe Andrew-R has a good solution.  It was to File pulldown, Save as... the project again or File pulldown, Save backup -- it did not work and the error was still there.

phylsmith2004 20/02/2024 2:05 am


The following worked but you must be VERY CAREFUL:

1. make 2 backup copies of your Project file

2. very carefully or YOU COULD LOSE YOUR WORK, edit your project file and look for the section <ASSETS>.  After this line you will see the mistake files that are giving you the error messages.  Generally each file has 5 lines -- delete these lines for the mistake files.  The lines to be deleted begin with the following and end with the next.

  <ASSET SRC=...     is the first line and the last line for that mistake file will be:




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Sorry it took me a while to reply, I had to spend a lot of time finalizing sequences in opentoonz for my project (...). Anyway, thank you very much for your help. So I tried your solution and it works, but the problem is that the imported files also disappear from the project and the editing has to start all over again. So for the moment I'm not applying the solution and I'm ignoring the error messages by simply minimizing the log window. I'm going to try again as soon as I have a moment, because I tested the solution quickly and perhaps I didn't see everything.




I looked at your screenshot more carefully and now I see that you have "real" image files that have a ".sh" extension - usually the .sh extension represents shell commands but in your case they seem to be images !!  The solution I proposed was meant for rogue files that were actually shell commands and should not have been there so does not apply in your scenario.  I can not track where the error message you see of "file not found" is actually coming from and could be only because of the unusual .sh extension.

Your solution of ignoring the LOG file may be the only solution.


I cannot reproduce any test in which a LOG window opens. I have tried renaming a mov file to .sh and it loads and works, but no LOG window comes up.

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but in your case they seem to be images


Yes, it's a .sh file that points to a folder containing png images to create a stop-motion animation.

I followed the instructions on this page dedicated to cinelerra-cv: Stop-motion

They advise naming the file with the .txt extension but it doesn't work. I've found, I don't remember where in another tutorial, the advice to name the file with the .sh extension and it works very well.

Here is an example of the file used:



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So when I looked at one of the files in more detail I realised that I'd forgotten one of the images listed, probably by moving them from one folder to another. I'm very busy at the moment but as soon as I have a moment I'll check everything again in detail and see if the error messages continue.