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Question for working with EDLs with Cinelerra

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I hope I'm posting this in the right spot. 

I've been poking at Cinelerra-gg for some time now. My curiosity will be piqued every so often and I would check on the old site periodically to see any new updates (and too make sure the project was not dead). After finding this site I decided to do some more poking today on a Xubuntu VM.

I was wondering if others have used and had success with the "EDL Export" feature in Cinelerra GG? I was trying it out today along with some other features I was interested in. So I exported the track that I used for testing purposes to an EDL then import the generated EDL into Avid's Media Composer that only gives me an error whenever I have tried. I thought that was odd since it should be the same format. I tried the same thing but with an EDL export from shotcut and that worked fine. Looking at the files they seem similar format wise with some exception. 

Cinelerra GG's:

TITLE: Cinproj FORMAT: CMX 3600 4-Ch
001 BL V C 00:00:00:00 00:21:10:05 00:00:00:00 00:21:10:05

Shotcuts': (note I used different footage but my main concern was seeing if the EDL could be read)

=== playlist0 ===

001 Slai_foo AA/V C 00:00:00:00 01:07:11:19 00:00:00:00 01:07:11:19
* FROM CLIP NAME: Slai footage 1.mp4

I've also noticed that trying to import an EDL into cinelerra does not work, or if it does I'm unsure of how to relink footage. Right importing Edls the media resources only give me a blank file. I'm still new to EDLs so I'm not sure if there's anything I'm missing in my tinkering. I was hoping someone with a bit more experience could shed some light on how Cinelerra's EDL export works.

Straight to the point: is exporting a project/track with Cinelerra as an EDL in the right format for other programs? Can you import an edl (CMX3600) file into Cinelerra and relink the clips used?

Thank you for reading and who may have the answer.

1 Answer

Short answer to "is exporting a project/track with Cinelerra as an EDL in the right format for other programs? Can you import an edl (CMX3600) file into Cinelerra and relink the clips used?" No and probably No (probably no is because I do not know absolutely, but unless the CMX3600 file uses the exact same format in what it puts into the xml/edl file, then cinelerra will not be able to do anything with it).

From the manual:  "XML files are files specific to Cinelerra only ... Edit decision lists are generated by Cinelerra for storing projects.  EDL files end in .xml.  Because edit decision lists consist of text, they can be edited ... XML files are useful in saving the current state of Cinelerra before retiring from an editing session."  To be clear EDL and XML refer to the same thing.  Most likely shotcut and Avid work together because they designed them to.  Hope this clears this up for you.  If not, I can provide more information from GG.