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How to install Cinelerra GG single-user build

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A video tutorial by IgorBeg on how to install Cinelerra GG "single-user build":

NOTE:  these streamable videos go away after a few weeks.  Refer to the 3rd note below for current installation.

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Says page cannot be found. 🙁

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Sorry about that.  Streamable only saves videos a few weeks.  I will correct the forum entry but things have changed since then anyway.

How to install Cinelerra is a lot simpler now, just go to, then  follow steps 1-3 below:

1)  and download the latest CinGG-20220131......AppImage   that works for whichever Operating System level you have.

For Ubuntu 16 or 18 download:

For newer Operating Systems, like Debian 11.0 download:

2) change the mode of the .AppImage file via linux command:  chmod +x filename

3) run Cinelerra via:   ./CinGG20220131xxxxx.AppImage